My Stylish Home: Craig and Jennifer Von Deylen

Photos by Carl Nelson

Craig Von Deylen, a local licensed architect and developer, and the President and Principal of Deylen Realty, uses innovative and thoughtful approaches to new spaces when designing homes. Von Deylen has been designing homes for over 30 years, so it comes at no surprise that much attention to detail and sustainability was made when Von Deylen designed his dream home.

Where do you get your home inspiration?
I have been designing homes for others now for well over 30 years and have responded to many different types of clients and designed hundreds of homes. So when it comes to my own personal home, I mainly draw upon that experience and try to solve all of my families living requirements as efficiently as possible while also creating a relaxing and inspiring space that respects and honors the site that it occupies. Beyond that, I am inspired by the great modernist designers like Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe and Le Corbusier. My wife, Jennifer, is my muse and handles all of the interior design. She was inspired by our travels and the artists we have worked with over the years.

How do you describe your style?
My style is strict modernism with a nod to the environment and effective siting of the home, incorporating a lot of unique original local works of art.

Where are your go-to interior design shops?
Jen and I frequent a lot of antique malls and thrift stores all over the Midwest, and elsewhere when we are traveling. We really prefer to buy objects and furniture that are original designs either from those stores or at auctions. If we need something new, we source it from the commercial furniture suppliers that own the licenses for the designs. Beyond that, we buy a lot of new things from Room and Board, CB2, and even IKEA.  When it comes to art we generally buy directly from the artists.

Advice for decorating a small room?
Mirrors, use lots of mirrors.

What’s your favorite room in your house?
Definitely our living room. It is a wonderful place to sit, listen to music, and gaze at the natural surroundings.

What are your favorite colors for the summer?
I’m a big fan of deep purples and indigos no matter what season it is.

What were a few things you envision in your dream home?
Jen and I had an opportunity with this house as our dream house, so you are looking at it… all of it.

Advice for undergoing a home renovation?
Be patient and do things right the first time. Suffering through a little construction and dust pays off if you accomplish a great project.

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