Stay Tuned: September 2019

Khiry Managan is a one of a kind talent in our city whose music is refreshing. From his infectious melodies to his soulful crooning. Tune in to the man behind the music below.

Tell us about your musical background.
My background in music stems highly from reggae, but I was raised on music like Hip-Hop, R&B Soul, and Old School music from the 1950’s to present. I also have a background in playing the trumpet since elementary school. I was heavily influenced and involved in jazz band throughout my high school years and in college for some time. Playing trumpet and being involved in heavy doses of music courses through the years helped me to develop the ability to read music respectively. Other influences in my music comes from family background. Forgotten Tribe, created by me and my younger brother Khaleel aka ‘General Spazz’, is an in-house production, visual and family-oriented entity. This is our brand, foundation, and future organization in terms of our musical journey. Our mission is to get our music around the Earth. Reggae helped change my life for the most part, hands down. This music got me rooted into my heritage and culture. It helped to open my eyes to sound and vibration, along with it’s incredible frequencies. 

Tell us about the mix you curated (mood, when should you listen to it).
The mix I have curated are songs I’ve composed and written. These records are fresh, stimulating and clean. The mood is very natural and relaxing and the songs make you feel in balance with yourself. The mood can ground you with good energy, and a positive message; allowing you to dance and groove. 

Tell me about your past & current music projects?
My older creations are ones I truly cherish without a doubt. I do see the areas in which I’ve developed and matured as an artist. However, I have no regrets of the past music or projects I’ve worked on. I truly loved those sounds of the past. In terms of my current releases and projects, I am happy with my growth and evolution. From collaborating with General Spazz and various producers. These songs have helped open some positive doors for me so that I can commence with more fazes to come. More importantly, I want to shout out Tai Payne for being a part of our creative direction, videography/cinematography, and photography. 

What acts are killing the game right now?
Reggae artists Protoje, Chronixx, Jah 9, Kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, and many more are taking the world by storm. In the hip-hop game, I think locally in Indianapolis artists like Fox the Legend, Double A, Jeramiah Stokes, Baby Ebony and Forgotten Tribe and Naptown as a whole are building and growing. In terms of some other platforms that help bring acts opportunities to be seen or heard, I have to say Pitch for Pennies, Underground Sound, Who’s Who of Naptown, That Peace Open Mic. Dj’s like Ant Banks, General Spazz and Slick Vic are holding it down on that side for music.

What are your interests outside of music?
My interest outside of music is family time, Soccer, exercise, planting gardens, being an educator and learning  about life. Helping and working in my community as well as giving back my energy and love is a vital interest. I like fashion as well and learning about different cultures and studying history along with truths and rights. 

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