Q+A with Adam Hampton of Hampton Designs

Adam Hampton is drawn to bright and eclectic items which translates to his unique style of interior design. He began designing in 2011 resulting in him opening Hampton Designs Boutique in 2014 located in Irvington, Indiana. His career consists of designing show homes, features in publications and opening a new shop. PATTERN sat down with Hampton to discuss his work and his new store, Hampton Designs Studio & Shop.

Terri Procopio: Tell us about yourself.

Adam Hampton: I grew up in New Palestine and for the past 10 years I’ve been an interior designer. I owned a small boutique for four years and most recently expanded into a 2000 sq. ft. studio on east Washington Street.

TP: Can you describe your interior design client base?

AH: It’s a mix of young, first-time homeowners, historic homes, condos and everything in between. Some of my favorite clients are older women who are downsizing. They have a lot of stories and memories and it’s nice to get to hear them.

TP: Why did you choose to locate your store in Irvington?

AH: When I first moved here, I volunteered and really got to know the people and they accepted me for who I am. They pushed me to be better, to work harder and it was a great support team. I chose this

location because of the historic building. I’ve helped on the Benton House Home Tours, so I knew Irvington was where I wanted to create that blend of historic along with the young and vibrant.

TP: What does your new store offer?

AH: Home décor, gems and geodes, gourmet foods. It’s really an experience overall. It’s visual, local art and it’s for all. I wanted a mix for everybody and at a price point that people can afford.

TP: What are some of the events the store will be hosting?

AH: We’ve already hosted a drag event, AcroYoga and a jazz band. We’ll continue to do Irvington First Fridays where we’ll house at least 3-5 artists. In January, we’re doing a Champaign Queen Disco Dance on the second floor of the Irvington Lodge. We have more drag events coming up. I’ll be helping with the Irvington Holiday Open House on Friday, December 7, and I am staging an apartment for the Benton House Home Tour, which takes place Sunday, September 16.

TP: What are your future plans for the store?

AH: We’ve thought about taking the industrial hall in the back and creating pop-up events where people can sell their art. We’ve also discussed doing drag events in that space where it’s kind of a cool alley, back-to-basics, gay-style bar.

TP: What are your thoughts on the Indianapolis art scene?

AH: I’ve seen hubs of art pop up where people create their art, sell their art and make money off of it. I think more than ever people want to be creative and art is a way to release frustration, sadness and anger. For me, I wanted a space for everyone – from gay people to older women – where everyone feels comfortable. To see that group together blows my mind. It’s perfect and that’s my clientele. It’s not one group or one age group, it’s everybody.

TP: What about the Irvington art scene?

AH: I see this area as becoming a kind of new entertainment and artsy Irvington. I’ve really seen more people doing creative things than ever. It’s about offering an experience through interior design and the shop is about being together. I want it to be the ‘living room’ of Irvington where you can create, hangout, you can check in, you can check out and you also happen to buy some merchandise. I was open until 11:30pm for the Rocky Picture Horror show and I loved it. Nighttime here is now so accepting. People are shopping, they’re eating and they’re hanging out with friends.

TP: How would you describe your overall experience opening the new store?

AH: This experience has really humbled me, seeing people come out to root for me. This community has overwhelmed me with support and love. I’m really shocked by it. I think

Irvington and all the people who pushed me and all these second, third, fourth mothers and fathers that are here that have always guided me. That’s been the best part. This shop is for Irvington!


Interested in touring historic homes in the Irvington Community? This Sunday, The Benton House Association is hosting its 45th annual Benton House Tour of Homes. To attend, purchase your tickets here.

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  1. Avatarsays: Cathi Hampton

    Adam has such natural talent. He has such a unique “eye for design”! His shop has so much thought put in it. The store truly has something for everyone. I’m one of those “older” women that Adam talked about. His shop has unique antique, retro and edgy pieces that keep me “young”!

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