My Stylish House: Kelsey Goodrich

Photos by Maddie Scarpone

For PATTERNS first ever installment of My Style: Home, we visited Kelsey Goodrich’s home to discuss her interior design choices and take a look at her earthy decorating. Along with running her popular Instagram page filled with her home and style inspiration Goodrich stays busy as a graphic artist and freelance graphic designer, styling and staging photoshoots for photographers, and modeling for local boutiques. Goodrich combines earthy tones and aesthetics with organic decorations to design her first home.

Where do you get your home inspiration? How do you describe your style?
Imagine if Joanna Gaines really liked Lord of the Rings. I like a lot of really dark, neutral colors with earthy tones. Not as farmhouse as Gains usually designs, but I do like to use dark and earthy colors without making it too cabiny.

Where are your go-to interior design shops?
I do a lot of thrifting and antiquing for my statement pieces but I also get a lot of my stuff from IKEA and Target. Occasionally I will shop at Anthropologie when I can splurge.

Advice for decorating a small room?
Small spaces need shelves. A lot of wall storage is really important. To give a space height that doesn’t have a lot of floor space to work with, wall storage is key. Mirrors are also very good for creating a bigger feel to a small space.

What’s your favorite room in your house?
Definitely the dining room because of all of the plants. The dark green walls and plants make the room a dream come true. The room turned out exactly how I wanted.

What are your favorite colors for the summer?
My favorite summer colors are terracotta and creamy whites. I also think mustard. It is typically seen as a fall color, but done right it can be a great summer color. The colors are neutral and can go with a lot of other options.

What were a few things you envision in your dream home?
My dream home is a brick English Tudor style house. I want a big garden and super tall ceilings. Having big windows and a floor plan with an open concept is a dream too.

Advice for undergoing a home renovation?
Have a plan, phases and save up. On this house, we did not have a big plan so it has taken longer than desired. Anything you can do yourself, do it yourself. We put in the floors ourself and saved money that way.

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