Returning to the COVID-Conscious Box Office with Summit Performance Indianapolis

If you’ve been missing local theater or feeling nostalgic for the times of live entertainment, Summit Performance Indianapolis has the perfect, COVID-conscious opportunity to enjoy a show in-person once again.

Summit, a women-focused theatre company and nonprofit, will be performing a staged reading of one-woman show Where We Stand by Donnetta Lavinia Grays from May 21st though the 23rd. The production will take place outdoors at the Allen Whitehill Clowes Amphitheatre on Marian University’s campus.

Where We Stand “is a long form poem with humor, heart and music that tells the story of a woman standing before her town asking them for forgiveness after she has made a deal with a mysterious stranger on their behalf,” according to the Summit Performance Indianapolis website.

Photo of director Dwandra Nikole Lampkin.
Director Dwandra Nikole Lampkin

Featuring elements of song, spoken word lyrical poetry and socially-distanced audience participation, the production promises an engaging experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The staged production will be directed by Dwandra Nikole Lampkin and feature poet and spoken word artist Manon Voice. When Lauren Briggeman, the creative director of Summit, came across the script of “Where We Stand,” Manon instantly popped into her head.

“I had been in a virtual class with [her] a little bit beforehand,” Briggeman explained, “and though Manon is not traditionally an actor, when I was in the class with her, I was like, “ah, I want to work with her!’”

Summit Performance came onto the scene in 2016, when Briggeman and her team, with the help of Bryan Fonseca and the Phoenix Theatre, produced woman-written play Silent Sky. Since then, they’ve mounted a series of full productions, one act plays and staged readings featuring underrepresented voices on stage and behind the scenes.

“The focus of the company has been… a concrete one of creating opportunities for women in theatre. If you look at the statistics, men make up the majority of professionally produced playwrights, actors that get hired professionally, etcetera…” Briggeman shared. “We really focus on producing the work of female playwrights, [and] producing work that provides a lot of opportunities for actresses and non-cisgender folks.”

Photo of featured performer Manon Voice.
Featured performer Manon Voice
Photo of Summit creative director Lauren Briggeman.
Summit creative director Lauren Briggeman

In accordance with CDC guidelines, Summit will divide seating into pre-assigned sections holding up to four people of a single party. Masks will be required at all times and all tickets purchases should be made online prior to the show or at the event using QR codes.

To buy tickets or find more information on COVID precautions, inclimate weather, check out the show’s Eventbrite page.

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