Internship Diary: Things Will Work Out

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Choosing my internship was very difficult… more difficult than I realized. It was tricky deciding what type of internship I wanted to do as I was confused as to what career path I wanted to take. It’s one thing studying at university but it’s another thing actually being in the real world. Either social media or videography was my thing but it was just deciding what was more my thing or possibly combining both the careers into one dream job, if that job even existed. Then I found PATTERN.

When I learned I got the internship, I was thrilled. My first-day jitters were all too real. As I walked in, I was nervous and shaky, however, as soon I stepped through the door, I was greeted with smiles (beneath the masks) and introductions by every single person in the office. Everyone in the office was a continual support system for me throughout the entirety of the internship. My biggest supporters were my fellow interns. We sat at one big table and were able to collaborate and brainstorm ideas collectively as a whole, which was always fun and engaging.

The PATTERN work environment is a fun and dynamic group of individuals who work together as a well-oiled machine singularly and collectively focused on generating creative content. The stigma of the typical intern gets tossed out the door as soon as you walk in. Yes, my work was edited and sometimes there were things I needed to fix, but it is an incredibly rewarding process to see your work from the beginning to the end of the process, including the results it generates once it’s published. During this internship, every day was different. About a month into the internship, I was told I was also going to be a photography intern doing model test shoots. Before this internship, I had no experience with professional camera equipment, I had only experience with my camera and my tripod. Throughout this internship, I was able to gain valuable knowledge and tips on photography. This internship definitely made me step out of my comfort zone and by doing so, was able to expand on my skills through my eagerness to learn and willingness to accept new projects and challenges.

I will be forever grateful for the experience I had at PATTERN. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained is hard to verbalize, however, I’m leaving with an increased understanding of videography and photography, social media best practices and so much more.

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