My Stylish House with Ed Rudisell

Photos by Carl Nelson

The world traveler, restaurateur, rum connoisseur, macaw whisperer, occult enthusiast, and tiki fanatic that is Ed Rudisell leads an impressively hectic life. So when it comes to unwinding after another non-stop day, Rudisell wanted to come home to a serene environment filled with favorite artifacts and art. Located on the southside of Indy, Rudisell and his wife, recently completed the construction of a new home which is a perfect mixture of function, luxury and zen.

PATTERN got the opportunity to visit Rudisell to talk about his house.

Where do you get your home inspiration?

It’s designed to give me a getaway from my busy work life. The rear of the house was designed so that I had a private courtyard and the rooms functioned the way we live rather than the way most other people live. We own restaurants so a large kitchen was a must. Additionally, large open spaces to display art were important.

How do you describe your style?

It’s sleek. We are neat freaks, so modern design elements appealed to us. Large windows with a lot of natural light are treated as a design feature rather than just a functional necessity.

Where are your go-to interior design shops?

Nikki Sutton from Level Interiors.

Advice for decorating a small room?

Every room in our house has pieces that accentuate the room itself, but more importantly, I think every room needs something that has personal significance to us. Examples include pillow covers from Venice, sculptures from Bangkok, figurines from Vietnam, drink coasters from San Francisco, carved art from the guy that did the carvings at The Inferno Room, tiki mugs from everywhere, etc.

What’s your favorite room in your house?

My basement. This is where I spend my time playing music, reading, playing video games.

What are your favorite colors for the fall?

We let the furniture and art bring the color to our house rather than through paint. Though, I am currently obsessed with the plum color that is so en vogue right now.

What were a few things you envision in your dream home?

We wanted a home that was private from the front and very open once you were in. It was a trick for Nikki Sutton and Blackline to accomplish, but we have a home that gives us our peace when we’re tired, but feels very lively when we invite guests over.

Advice for undergoing a home renovation?

With all construction and renovations (I’ve been through this process many times commercially and residentially) — get a contractor that has done all of the things you are envisioning. Don’t be the guinea pig for new ideas. And nitpick every detail. It makes for an arduous process, but it’s YOUR home. If things have to be fixed three times, then have them fixed three times.


Keep up with Ed on Instagram and check out his podcast, Shift Drink Podcast!

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