SUPPLY Brand Highlight: Jodie Bailey Hats

PATTERN’s 2019 SUPPLY tradeshow (previously known as the STREETExPO) took place on October 5. SUPPLY is the only streetwear and contemporary fashion trade show in Central Indiana and PATTERN is highlighting just a handful of the brands that were showcased at that show. SUPPLY aims to serve as a conduit between brands, buyers, designers and fashion lovers continuing to bring attention to Indy’s fashion aspirations and talent. To learn more about the event, visit the SUPPLY info page here. SUPPLY will be back in August of 2020.

Jodie Bailey Hats celebrates Indy’s Mad Hatter, Jodie Bailey. From fancy to funky to fun, Jodie does it all in hat form. For SUPPLY, she displayed several of her best hats on mannequin heads, naming her third place in Brand of the Year. Catch up with Jodie below!

Where did your love of streetwear/fashion begin?
I’ve always been interested in “the sign language of clothes.” Streetwear speaks volumes.

What’s behind the name of your brand?
I chose a signature brand because each hat is designed and made exclusively by my hands.

Describe your design process from conception to realization.
Ideas come in many ways, but building relationships with clients is what inspires me the most. As a millinery artist the process of helping a woman express her personality is a joy. I design, pattern, construct and fit each hat for each client, exclusively.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome as you’ve tried to grow your business?
When I started my business three years ago very few women in the U.S. were wearing hats. Now hats are trending after 50 years of falling out of fashion, but many women are still hesitant to try. My biggest challenge is giving them an opportunity to experience what it’s like to “own the room” by wearing a hat. Once they try it, they love the feeling.

What is your favorite part about owning your own brand?
No one is holding me back from achieving my goals.

What’s next for you?
At the SUPPLY Trade Show I reconnected with Deborah Katz Dorman and was inspired to make one-of-a-kind headbands and diadems. Deborah became my muse that day and I’m currently working on the new Tatti Collection to debut soon.

What was your biggest takeaway from SUPPLY?
Before I thought only 19th Century men had creative muses!

Follow Jodie on Instagram and Twitter and check out her website!

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