Internship Diary: Oh the Strange Places You’ll Go

[dropcap letter=”L”]ife will hand you the strangest of situations. I never had any interest in fashion, and yet here I am. Even after this internship, I still don’t know a whole lot about fashion, but that’s not really what I was expecting from PATTERN. For me, it was more of the experience and learning.

What I wanted to do with life before the internship has changed now that I had a chance to work in a journalistic setting. Originally, I wanted to become an automotive journalist and write about cars for a living (see told you I had no interest in fashion.) I still would love to drive cars I can’t afford and write about them. What has changed is the means of getting there. I thought that I could get there through journalism. Now that I’ve gone through an internship for something I don’t have an interest in, it has put my career path into a different perspective. I knew that to get to where I wanted to go; I will have to write about things I don’t have a passion for in the beginning. I didn’t expect that writing about such things would make a difference for me. As it turns out, I find it kind of dreadful to write about something I find boring. I’m sure I am not the only one who is like this. To make it in this profession, though, it’s something that you’re going to have to get used to.

For me, I couldn’t get used to this. Writing about cars and related things would be easy for me, but the odds of me getting right into that field are null. To get there, I would have to grind up the ladder till I got hired at places like Autoweek or Car Throttle. As such, my path to get there has shifted. From becoming a journalist to maybe starting a YouTube channel about cars or getting into race cars and work my way there.

I don’t hate PATTERN for making me realize this so late in the game. I thank PATTERN for setting it to me straight before I got placed in some office I would despise. It was still a fantastic opportunity that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I plan on sticking around to help here and there, after the internship because what they are trying to do with the magazine and Indy is amazing. I would still recommend this internship to anyone. It’ll be stressful for sure, but it is also an enriching internship.

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