Internship Diary: Learning on the Fly

As a junior in college it feels like your main stressor is finding a decent internship so that you feel as if you’re headed in the right direction. An internship feels like a necessary step before taking a plunge into the real world and becoming drenched in responsibility. So, for months I searched for my version of the perfect internship. The goal was to find something totally different from the norm, free of routines, filled with tons of creative energy and full of open-minded individuals. PATTERN has been everything that I was searching for and more. Its location lies at the corner of a building downtown connected to the office space of another company. The two happen to be polar opposites which makes things interesting. It’s a place that’s easy to miss with the only clue being a small white piece of paper that spells out #PATTERNINDY taped to the door, welcoming those who are curious enough to wander in. The warehouse-like space is inhabited with an ample supply of fashion photography, graphic designs and a set of colorful florescent lights with a small section dedicated to photo and video shoots.

I experienced a lot of newness with PATTERN, prior to this internship. I had never been to a fashion show, a motor speedway or even Newfields. I was also exposed to so many different events and opportunities within in the city. My personal favorite was the Indiana Fashion Week Runway Show, which broadened my horizon to say the least. Each design was so unique and it was special seeing designers ideas become so much more than just clothing. The event seemed like a community of creatives where no cliques existed, everyone was welcomed with open arms, free for conversations and questions. It was truly motivating, and it proved just how special Indianapolis can be.

What I learned within my time at PATTERN is how to materialize. I was forced to take initiative, create a project out of thin air, and learn on the fly. I learned through failure. That was my main goal, not to fail the same way I had before. Being here allowed me to create and think freely without micromanagement. But at the same time questions were always welcomed, it was just a matter of having the courage to ask them. Throughout this internship, I had the responsibility and opportunity of filming interviews. Before, I had never even grasped a camera, let alone took videos. I’ve improved through time, trial, and error. I gained a love/hate relationship with editing, although I’ve never edited prior to this internship. It gave me an opportunity to create and turn my vision into reality. At PATTERN there’s a series called Young Creatives on Instagram where those within the Midwest community are given a small platform to showcase their talents. My idea was to take it a step further. Why not give these same individuals a bigger platform to not only showcase their abilities but also tell their stories while doing so? So I interviewed these people on camera and in doing so, it helped me gain some insight that I can take with me on the rest of my journey.

I’ll always remember the variety of personalities that always filled the room at 9:30 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, thinking of the most unique ideas. Overtime we became a big family, laughing with each other, and at each other but always picking each other up when necessary. What I’ll miss most is having a space where even the most unusual ideas and mannerisms are welcomed with open arms.

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