Internship Diary: Getting My Feet Wet

It was during my junior year of college at Indiana Wesleyan University when I realized fashion was it for me. I had tested every photography outlet and not a one piqued my interest like fashion. I had heard from a few photography professors that PATTERN Magazine had an internship program, but I wasn’t sure if I was serious enough to be accepted. Almost two years later of growing, developing and learning about the industry and building my portfolio, I realized I needed to apply for the internship. Thankfully, Polina and the other wonderful people at PATTERN accepted me.

Once I attended my first day of the internship, I quickly learned that being a part of an internship with PATTERN would full of work and well worth my time. I graduated this past May from IWU, where there is very little knowledge about the actual fashion world. Sure, I could interview professionals and study magazines, but I needed something with more personal experience. PATTERN Magazine gave me what I was craving and more.

This adventure of being a part of the fabulous team of Indy creatives for the fall season gifted me with a plethora of knowledge not only about fashion but magazine work in general. Following fall fashion trends, creating content, party planning for the magazine launch, working during the launch party, photographing many artists and creatives and planning and executing my own fashion shoots! That is just a fraction of the tasks and experiences that I feel so blessed to have been part of it!

My heart is so full of love for this team of fantastic individuals! I feel equipped to move forward in my career as a photographer, in my overall understanding of the fashion industry, and in a greater appreciation for magazine work. Thank you, Julia, for being a great intern partner in crime! Thank you, Sam, Claire, and Julie, for being fantastic examples, leaders, and friends! Thank you, Polina, for being a boss boss, for the learning experiences, and for laughing at my stupid dance moves! PATTERN will always hold a special place in this ginger’s heart!


Photography by Rambo Hustle

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Photography by Chantal DominiqueHair and Makeup by Jenna Becker Models: Brooke Leonard...
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