Internship Diary: For the Experience

Throughout college, my dream was to end up being a fashion photographer. The major goal was something really extravagant like Vogue. I was in a fine arts program and I thought that fashion photography was a great way to be creative and simultaneously be commercial and serve a purpose for others. If you asked me if that’s still my goal, I’d say I’m not sure. I find it to be an option, and personally I have other avenues I’m interested in as well.

My first opportunity to work in fashion photography in a way that was with a major networking group was with PATTERN. I might have been the only person in this internship class that wasn’t there for school credit as I had recently graduated and just wanted the experience. And I surely got it! I was fulfilled in that I was able to shoot almost every day at my internship and get to know local agencies and models, among plenty of other helpful networks. That, I am extremely grateful for. However, I also gained experience in avenues of photography I had not yet worked with, for example, food photography. I didn’t think at any point part of my job would be to run around town and grab ice cream and then shoot it, but I did!

At times, things get overwhelming. I found that numerous people would want things from me at the same time. People want what they want right away! I had to set boundaries for myself- which I find is important at any time in life.

My best cohort was the group of photography interns: myself, Maddie Scarpone, and Michael Cottone. I am so glad I met these two- we all came from really different backgrounds in photography and were able to always bounce ideas off of each other and help each other out. I hope and believe we will always have each other if we need advice on a specialty that one of us works in. I’d never worked with a team of photographers before but I was so glad to work with these two. They were incredible.

Ultimately, this was a great experience for me and I do not regret it. I met a seemingly infinite numbers of people who exchanged ideas with me, and I must say, a lot of people saw my work that may not have if I wasn’t for PATTERN.

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