Internship Diary: A Future in Fashion

[dropcap letter=”I”] have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. The only thing that truly came naturally to me was creating. As I started to take my photography more seriously, one of the things I would often do is spend time at the bookstore and look at fashion magazines for inspiration. I vividly remember walking to the back of the store one day last year, and immediately spotting the oversized, bright blue, Vol. 15 of PATTERN Magazine. I quickly purchased it and flipped through it so many times that the spine started to come apart. It was not until I recognized a familiar name and did some research that I realized they were based in my hometown of Indy. I was shocked! This magazine, that stood next to Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar on the stand, was actually in my backyard.

Fast forward a few years when it came time to start applying for internships, and I did, to several different ones. I never imagined that I would be chosen to be a photographer for PATTERN, but it was my, “worth a shot” option. I was so convinced that I was not qualified for the position, that it fell off of my radar for a while. You can imagine my surprise when I received an email offering a summer position! I was so eager to start, despite my lack of professional experience and being a couple months deep into a pandemic.

I could go on forever about what an amazing experience this was, so I will save you some of the more minor details. Here are my top 3 takeaways from my time at PATTERN:

  1. Push yourself. I was taken out of my comfort zone on day one and stayed there. It was terrifying, but the growth I experienced in photography in the past six months was more beneficial than the past ten years of my life combined. I learned that if you are not doing things that scare you, you are doing it wrong. Taking risks almost always leads to a more successful outcome. It does not take long for the nerves to become excited energy, so just pull the trigger and start doing!
  2. Indy is full of talented, aspiring creatives. Take advantage of that and collaborate! I met so many talented and kind people during my time as an intern, both inside and outside of the office. My co-workers went from strangers to dear friends in a matter of twelve weeks. I am excited to see the different ways they all contribute to making Indianapolis a fashion and art destination.
  3. Be confident. I spent too much time second-guessing myself. In the beginning, I truly believed that I did not deserve to be here. Ignore those thoughts and create! The more you shoot, the more confident you will be.

I loved working here so much that I did not leave after the summer session. I stayed around for another three months and I don’t think they will ever really be able to get rid of me completely. I would recommend getting involved with PATTERN to anyone who asks, it will be the best experience of their life!

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