Internship Diary: Everything Happens for a Reason

[dropcap letter=”Y”]ou know the saying everything happens for a reason? Well this whole experience embodies that phrase. Let me take you back to March 2020.  After countless no’s from companies and brands because of these horrific times, I finally had the chance to interview with PATTERN Magazine. After the interview, I was so nervous and anxious, but then I remembered a phrase my good friend likes to say, “Always remember that if you’re suppose to be there you will, because everything happens for a reason.” I held those words close to my heart, because if that is true then it will happen the way its suppose to. A few weeks went by and I found out that I was going to be a summer 2020 graphic design intern at PATTERN. My heart, mind, and soul dropped instantly, because I knew this solidified that I was supposed to be at PATTERN Magazine. 

Fast forward to the first day at PATTERN. I was introduced to everyone who runs PATTERN weekly, which is an awesome group of five people. These individuals are the heart of PATTERN and their love for this magazine truly shows. After learning everything PATTERN stands for, I really knew this was going to be an experience of a lifetime. There was never a day I was not learning something new. PATTERN gave me the opportunity to see first-hand the ins and outs of a magazine. 

When I got my first assignment I was so excited to start creating. Every project since then has been an amazing experience and helped my personal style evolve. Looking back at all of the projects I did during my time at PATTERN, I would have to say my favorite was the magazine spreads I did for Fanny So Fab. I was able to create something that was more my style: pastel and cute. At first I was nervous, because I knew this was going to be in the magazine, but I kept telling myself everything will work out the way its supposed to. In the end, it all came together and will be displayed in issue 18.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to talk about my intern class. Everyone in this class really was a delight to work with and equally creative. It’s great to be a part of a group of young creators that really do come together and make incredible things. I think that was the coolest part of this whole experience, we could collaborate on so many different things. I made friends that I was not expecting to make and connections that take a life time to find. I really want to take a moment to thank Emily Wright. Emily was the other graphic designer, she really taught me so much about design and again that everything works out the way it’s supposed to. 

Overall, this opportunity given by PATTERN really helped me grow as a designer, but more importantly as a person. A person who is not afraid to step outside the box. I truly did learn a lot about branding, social media and what it truly takes to run a magazine. Thank you so much PATTERN family. I will miss the office and being able to create for the dopest magazine.

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