The Darling and The Damned

you think i’m so sweet

that’s because I’m discreet

but my other half you have yet to meet

you better be glad you’re talking to me

the other me rarely ever agrees

it may even be a superpower

her ability to be so sour

Poem by Cali Stella

Creative Director + Styling: Cali Stella and Kelsey Matthias

Photography: Kelsey Matthias

Models: Katie Vogt + Ellie Vogt

Agency: LModelz

Hair + Makeup: Renee Masingo

Graphics: Cali Stella

“Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher!” Entranced by love, damned by the word goodbye; this editorial shoot was inspired by the complexity of heartbreak. By using shades of pink and green, this experience of both conflict and understanding of self after true heartbreak is expressed. Surely, sweetness and softness can be found when experiencing romance, but paired with the bitterness and nostalgia of the word goodbye, your soul must find a way to compromise.

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