Street Expo Brand Highlight: Vanje & Company

Founded in 2015, Vanje & Co is a brand that will appeal to both men and women who are looking for high quality, well-designed t-shirts. The mission behind Vanje & Co is to create clothing that is affordable, yet elegant and timeless. Founder Joshua Van Dyke comments further on his brand’s vision.

Jacob Click: Please describe the motive or message behind your brand.

Joshua Van Dyke: The message I am trying to push behind my brand is timeless fashion. “Threads that won’t expire” I want people to be able to wear my clothing years from the date.

JC: What prompted you to share this idea through your business?

JVD: I see a lot of “trendy” lines floating around and I wanted to create something new with a classic feel.

JC: What are some of the main challenges you face as an entrepreneur?

JVD: Sometimes i get frustrated with what my next step should, or could be and how I should go about it.

JC: What is the biggest reward you experience as an entrepreneur?

JVD: The biggest reward I experience with being an entrepreneur is my personal freedom to what ever I want or may need to do.

JC: What do you think Indianapolis can do to support more local brands?

JVD: I think having more events like The Street Expo will do a great deal for inspiring designers like myself.

JC: Describe the kind of person who would wear your product.

JVD: The young casual professional male or female.

JC: Who is one person you’d love to see in your brand?

JVD: I would love to see someone like Idris Elba in my brand.

JC: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

JVD: Do your research & never ever give up!!

JC: How do you hope your brand will evolve in future years?

JVD: I would my hope for my brand to evolve as a small but somewhat exclusive line.

JC: How do you think celebrity endorsed streetwear is influencing modern street style?

JVD: I think it’s influencing the modern style in a  major way with social media and things like that it gives you a chance to check out what  the people you admire and adore are wearing.

Follow Vanje & Co on Instagram and check out their website.

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