Q + A with Mikeal Neon

Mikeal Neon is a local fashion creative with a new web series called Fashion Findz, which documents his thrift store adventures. He’s also been popping up on Fridays, 1-4p at 877 Mass Ave, to share so those wonderful “fashion finds” that he picks up on his thrift store treks around Indy with other fans of personal style. Read on to find out more about his new series, as well as his personal style and background, then stop by his pop-up today, Friday, July 15, 1-5p.

Jacob Click: Tell me about Fashion Findz.

Mikeal Neon: Fashion Findz is a web series I’m co-producing with my friend Mark for PATTERN, which basically follows me on my thrift adventures. Where I seek out rare and unique finds at hole in the wall thrift stores. It’s definitely an homage to all things Cindy Crawford era MTV ‘HOUSE OF STYLE’.

JC: What have been some of your most surprising thrift store finds?

MN: I would say a lot of the MARLBORO gear I’ve obtained was the most surprising. You had to accumulate “Marlboro Miles” back in the day, so each piece has a unique path to my hands. I also love my Dale Earnhardt pieces. Bring on any old NASCAR, music tees or time stamped unique pieces.

JC: How would you define your style?

MN: My style has always been derived from my D.I.Y. sense of creating a look, as well as my early love of skateboarding, hair metal and gangster rap. I’ve basically never strayed from that mix of influences. Essentially the punk rock ethos is alive and well in my wardrobe.

JC: Favorite piece of clothing?

MN: Good question! Any vintage music tee, but as of right now I’d have to say my favorite piece is my army issue snow camo nylon pants. Uncle Sam is more or less the greatest inadvertent street wear designer of all time. I found them for $3 but to me they’re priceless.

JC: When did you first become interested in fashion?

MN: I grew up in a tiny town where John Deere and Rustler were considered the peak of male fashion. Well, I’ve always been different and gravitated towards style that had a sense of self. I love it all. I think about fashion way more than your average male in the Midwest does. When style speaks to me, I listen.

JC: Who are some of your fashion/creative influences?

MN: I could list a hundred and still somehow miss someone. But, off the top of my head right now: Jerry Lorenzo, Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs, RAF Simons, Supreme, Punk culture as a whole and anything Mark Gonzales has ever touched.

JC: How do you stay inspired?

MN: Social media is the 24/7 source in inspiration. I’m a TUMBLR addict. I’m inspired on a daily basis by my Instagram feed, but TUMBLR is the only place that makes me say “WOW” every single day. It’s a huge source of inspiration and will remain that way so long as Yahoo never pulls the plug on it!

Follow Mikeal on social media: Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram

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