Quality Over Quantity: Think Twice Before Committing to “Shows”

By Ta’keisha Violet

With all of the “fashion shows” happening literally at least once per month, I can’t help but wonder if the models are kind of burned out. For the most part it’s the same designers showing the same clothes, so it has to feel like you’re doing the same show in a different location every time. Now, I use the term fashion show very loosely because a lot of these shows that people are throwing together are about a lot of things; but fashion doesn’t seem to be one of them. For that, I say, “Don’t call it a fashion show. You’re tainting the image”.

Ok, before you go calling me out of my name, let me say that I understand everything is for everyone. However, some of these shows are a little scary. Personally, I rarely go to “pop-up” fashion shows if it’s at a night club; chances are I won’t attend even if I have free tickets. There’s just something about a club and a fashion show that don’t jive well with me. What’s even worse is the massive number of people who say things like, “This is the best fashion show Indianapolis has ever had”. Really?! Ok, well maybe the pictures posted on Facebook are of the wrong show, because all I see when I look at some of the pictures is a mess. Sorry, that’s just my honest opinion.
A lot of newer models feel that they have to walk in random shows because they need the practice and it’s the best way to gain experience. I understand this thought process, and I’ve even suggested that models find smaller shows to walk in, but what I was not referring to were the shows that happen in clubs and bars. I don’t want to see models horse walking and spinning down the runway. I recognize that not ALL fashion shows that take place in clubs are trashy, but I have to say that most are. Club shows tend to be for a totally different type of “model”, and one that I wouldn’t dare cast for a show I was serious about. I’ve done the castings for Midwest Fashion Week for the last three years, and when the models from those other shows come to the casting calls, I give them a “No” before they even walk. This is because I’ve already seen pictures of them at the end of the runway bent over, butt in the air, touching their toes; you won’t embarrass my judgment. Thanks for coming. See you later.

I’ve assisted a few associates with casting calls for shows that were in clubs, and I selected models from my “other models” list because those are the types of shows they belong in. I would never put any experienced models in those shows because in my eyes, they’re too good. Yep, I said it. When considering these shows you have to ask yourself, “Is this an image I want to follow me throughout my modeling career”? If you want to be the model that only does local club shows then have at it! If not, be more selective. Don’t sacrifice Quality for Quantity.

Ta’Keisha Violet Ryan is currently the Manager of Designer Relations for Fashion Week and works side by side with some of the best designers in the Midwest. A love of fashion is what led her to create her blog Violet Meets Fashion where she encourages her readers to live life fabulously.

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3 replies on “Quality Over Quantity: Think Twice Before Committing to “Shows””
  1. I totally hear you…and not just for models. I have definitely done some sketchy shows that I wondered why I allowed myself to be talked into them. It’s too much work and energy to spend it on a show that is weak.
    In general I worry about the local fashion scene getting diluted with too many fashion events, and they all seem to be put on not to showcase fashion, but to make the organizer some extra cash. I know–we all need more income. But think twice about it. If we can maybe combine 3-4 events into one concise, high quality event, then we also don’t run the risk of burning out the pool of potential attendees who are probably sick of shelling out $20 every weekend.
    On the other hand, if it’s made clear that the event is for entertainment, why not…and many of the models are really just doing the show for fun–they have no real modeling career ahead of them. Have fun! But know what to expect.
    Thanks for taking the plunge and putting this out there Ta’Keisha!

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  2. Avatarsays: Michael Grant

    I totaly agree with both Ta’Keisha and Catherine, I have been apart of The Midwest Fashion Team now for about 2yrs, and I must say, MFW is an event that people wait to see twice a year. I do think that people idenify models and respect them for the caliber of event that they model for. Thats why it is important to choose the events that going to excel your career and most importantly your image. I also agree with Cathrine , that we should e combine 3-4 events into one concise, high quality event. Again thats why its important to for models to choose the events that is going to excel their career.

    Ta’Keisha , what a great article!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Avatarsays: brittany

    love you Ta’Keisha ! this is a great article

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