People of Pattern: Jody De Ford

photo by Faith Blackwell

Jody De Ford is an eclectic fashion blogger living in Indianapolis! De Ford introduced her love for all things vintage and colorful to the world wide web in May of 2013. As a corporate lawyer by day and a snazzy blogger by night she has made a name for herself in Indianapolis with her love of 50’s fashion and intriguing style; whether it be comic book make-up or a wild west inspired ensemble, rest assured that De Ford will look delightful as ever!

What do your friends call you?

“Red” or “Roja” – As the pale-faced redhead who could never get a tan, I wasn’t really a fan of the moniker when I was a kid, but as I’ve grown more comfortable in my own (translucent) skin over the years, I’ve embraced it.

How old are you (if you don’t mind me asking!)?

42. If you believe Douglas Adams in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question so it should be a great year (though I’m still not sure what the question is)…

Where are you from?

I’m a life-long Hoosier who grew up on a farm in Howard County.

Which neighborhood do you live in right now?

Heritage Lake – an eclectic private lake community about 45 minutes west of Indianapolis.

What do you do for a living?

Corporate attorney.

What do you do as a creative outlet?

Creating, designing, and executing parties and special events is one of my passions – nothing brings me greater joy than creating memorable experiences for people which lifts them out of their ordinary, everyday lives. I’m also passionate about style (and SHOES!), so for the last few years I’ve been blogging about personal style at Red’s Shoe Diaries and taking advantage of opportunities to meet and collaborate with local boutiques and designers.

What’s the most interesting thing happening in Indy right now?

The Women’s Fund of Central Indiana just announced its first fellowship as part of its NEXT initiative to help women ages 18-24 move from poverty to economic security,  NEXT is a program designed to address a serious unmet need for services for these women in transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s the first of its kind in the country, and has been recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative.  As a long-time supporter and volunteer for organizations like the Women’s Fund and Dress for Success Indianapolis that are helping women achieve self-sufficiency, it’s very exciting to see Indianapolis leading the way in this space.

Favorite local brewery, distillery or winery?

At a fundraiser last month. I got a sneak peek of fare from Hops & Fire, a new craft beer distillery and restaurant set to open in November. The scratch-made, dairy-free tomato soup with wild mushrooms was one of the best soups I’ve ever tasted, and I can’t wait to see what the full menu looks like when the doors are opened to the public.

Last trip you took?

Well, I tripped down the stairs yesterday, but that’s pretty much an everyday occurrence for me, my middle name is definitely not Grace! I was actually in NYC two weeks ago for a conference, but made a long weekend of it to attend the broadway show Kinky Boots, visit an art fair at Lincoln Center; and do a little shopping on (and off) 5th Avenue.

How did you hear about Pattern?

I learned about Pattern through the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s Fashion Arts Society. I’ve been an active member of FAS for a few years, and the two groups often work together to support and advocate for the burgeoning local fashion scene.

What was your favorite Pattern meetup and why?

I always enjoy Pattern meetups. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the Fall Trend Report 2014 stands out because it’s where I met and discovered the beautiful artwork of Pattern member Beatriz Artist of Papel Picado; and a Spring 2014 meetup stands out because it’s where I connected with Art Institute of Indianapolis student Spencer Sholty over a shared love of 50s fashion and Dr. Who. Spencer and I have since collaborated on a cocktail dress, and it’s been fun to watch him grow as a young designer. The meetup topics are always interesting and the speakers engaging, but it truly is the PEOPLE of Pattern that keep me coming back!

What are you doing this coming weekend?

It’s an all-Indy weekend, with an Indy Eleven game on Saturday and the Colts game on Sunday.

What event are you looking forward to attending this month?

October is my favorite month of the year, and Halloween is my favorite holiday. This year I’m excited to attend the inaugural Haunted Hilbert masquerade party to benefit the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra…who can resist a fundraiser with a “Masquerade Chic” dress code?!

B&W yellow polka dot headshot

To see more of De Ford, you can follow her on instagram: @redsshoediaries or visit her website.

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