Q + A with Designer Gunnar Deatherage

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You saw him on season four of Project Runway All Stars, and now you will be able to see him in Indianapolis tonight for the October Pattern Meet-Up. This witty designer is currently working on his next collection and on developing a new brand “aimed at markets with gender neutrality clothing.” With more androgynous silhouettes, he plans to take this new season on by storm.

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What about the fashion industry first captured you?

I’ve always been sewing- even as a kid. I was always into some form of craft. I think what actually got me sewing was the styling portion. I was working with a local modeling agency and styling photo shoots. When I broke off on my own, I couldn’t find pieces worth shooting, so I started making them.

Who were your biggest fashion inspirations growing up?

Growing up it was always my mother and grandmother; both were very supportive but also very crafty. I looked up to them a lot. Still do.

At what moment do you feel like you really came into your own brand?

I honestly think it’s been in recent things, like right before I went onto Project Runway All Stars. I started sewing after a 3-year hiatus, and I fell in love with it completely. With every collection, I learn something new.

Has your location in the Midwest impacted what or how you design?

I think the Midwest has perks for sure when it comes to making clothing. It has taught me how to make clothing to sell but has also taught me to push boundaries. I have to work twice as hard to make a living here selling clothing in comparison to working in a more populated place. It’s a challenge but I think it’s helped me grow.

What are you most proud of?

Honestly, I am most proud to be making a living doing what I love. Coming from a place where this dream seemed so far-fetched and then pushing through that glass ceiling to make waves has been astounding.

Best nugget of advice to an aspiring Midwest fashion designer/photographer/blogger/model?

Keep on keeping on! For every thousand NO’s you get, the one yes will be worth it!

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Submitted photo

Follow his creative designs at:

Website: gunnardeatherage.com

Instagram: @blackbirdstheory

Twitter: @gunnDEATH

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