Pattern has the #Social46 Scoop on Some Super Bowl Highlights

It has been an interesting week for me. First, I was trying to figure out the best way to make my Pattern post’s topic relevant to the Super Bowl activities starting Friday. Second, I found out that I was selected to be a part of the “Social 46” team. I was shocked because 95% of my social media content is focused on Fashion, Style, or Culture. How was I going to help make Indianapolis’ Super Bowl the most “Socially Connected Super Bowl”?

The “Social 46” was selected by and The Super Bowl Committee. The host committee wanted to make Indy’s Super Bowl the most socially connected Super Bowl. I went to Super Bowl Headquarters and found myself in a room of social media experts. When it came time to introduce everyone, the secret was out that I was the fashion and style expert in the room. The identified challenge for me was how to make my fashion and style insights relevant to the Super Bowl visitors. I decided that instead of trying to write something new, I would highlight some of my previous posts. ALL Super Bowl related! Pattern might be a fashion and style blog for all things industry-related, but learning from other industries is a great growth tool.


In June I had the opportunity to talk to Scott Wise, the Scotty’s Brew House and Thr3e Wise Men restaurateur, regarding his creative use of social media in local business. Social Media and The Small Business Owner: Lessons from Scott Wise was a great opportunity to share insights for small business and fashion industry professionals. The Brewhouse is located in the heart of Indy and is a must for visitors.

Offering some tasty food options around Indy, will be the food truck West Coast Tacos. Indy Loves West Coast Tacos was a post about my conversation with Arnold Park. When coming to the NFL’s most urban Super Bowl, there will be a plenty off food options near the Super Bowl Village.

Indianapolis is good at putting on sporting events, and the guys at Hayes & Taylor have captured that via their vintage shirt designs. The Hayes & Taylor brand made it into the basket given to Jimmy Fallon, who is producing shows at Hilbert Circle Theater the week of the Super Bowl.  A Spotlight on Hayes and Taylor gives a peek into the brand. And I’m proud to say that it’s local! A great souvenir for those visiting the Super Bowl.

It should be no shock that Indianapolis will be cold during the Super Bowl events. Lucky for you, my most recent post has given men two really good options to stay warm.  No Carhartts at Indy’s Super Bowl Village gave 3 key pieces that guys will need for looking stylish at ‘The Village’. There will be a lot of people checking out the sights and sounds of the Super Bowl Village, so guys step up your style game!

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