Internship Diary: Thank You, PATTERN

[dropcap letter=”A”]s the summer has come and gone, so has my internship at PATTERN Magazine. Once I received the news that I had been accepted for the internship, I was filled with excitement and anxiety. Mainly because I wanted to create great things and help out in the best possible ways. As bizarre as the recent months have been due to COVID-19, PATTERN Magazine has still been thriving.

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in fashion and everything that surrounds it. PATTERN Magazine is much more than just a fashion-oriented publication. PATTERN showcases the happenings of Indianapolis, Indiana and the Midwest as a whole, providing a platform for artists located in-between the traditional and cultural art, music and fashion hubs located on the coasts of the USA. PATTERN shows that if you gloss over the Midwest in regards to where you consume your entertainment, art and media, you’re missing out.

My time at Pattern has included photographing editorial shoots, interacting with models from a handful of different agencies, researching stories to write about, editing photos, contacting booking agents and many other activities on a daily and weekly basis. There has been a lot to learn over the last three months and a lot of growth within a professional media environment. I learned studio techniques and the processes of the fashion industry. It has contributed greatly to my overall knowledge of how to operate as a freelance photographer, writer and overall creative entity.

My best wishes go to PATTERN as I know there is more to accomplish and more work to be done. I look forward to what the future interns will create and I look forward to any amount of work I can do for PATTERN Magazine in the future.

Thank you, PATTERN.

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