Meet our Spring 2022 Interns!

We are so excited to welcome our spring interns to the PATTERN office — here’s an up-close look at all the fresh faces this semester (and a few familiar ones, too!)

Kelsey Matthias

Image of the spring 2022 photography intern Kelsey Matthias

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
School: Indiana University
PATTERN Focus: Photography and Video
Instagram: @kelseyannamatthias

Who is your fashion inspiration?
It’s definitely Hailey Bieber. She is so casual and sophisticated and she has an effortless, monochromatic, and simple style!

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
The three words I would use are joyful, sensitive, and expressive.

If you were given a million dollars, but could only spend it in one day, what would you buy?
I would buy a bunch of swimsuits that make me feel confident. Then, I’d buy a ticket to a fancy beach with allll my friends and celebrate on the beach.

What is your favorite clothing piece you own and why?
The shirt I’m wearing! I thrifted it a week ago and I can’t stop wearing it.

Dogs or cats?
Dogs, 100%.

Hot or iced coffee?
I would normally say iced, but I’m going to say hot because my tastebuds are finally maturing. 

Cali Stella

Image of spring 2022 social media intern Cali Stella

Hometown: Carmel, IN
School: Ball State
PATTERN Focus: Social Media
Instagram: @calinotcalifornia_

What is your favorite Instagram account you follow and why?
My favorite would have to be @houseofxiongfashion because I think it fits the vibe of fashion this year, which is bold and bright but different and uncommon and I like all those things together.

What is your dream job?
Anything that makes me happy, but if I had to go into specifics, I think I would be really good at designing book covers. But, I also think I would be a great stylist! I just love putting together colors and visuals that make people feel.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
I would live in Ireland, but not in a populated place… I’d like a small town. I just love the idea of rolling green hills, walking around in boots and a coat, and seeing the local farm animals.

What is something you learned in 2021?
I realized that no one is going to put your happiness above their own. You gotta do what you want when you want to and not let anyone stop you.

How would you describe your personal style?
I would say that I don’t have a “personal style.” I love all things; I pull from so many different categories. It’s just about what makes me feel comfortable and pretty!

Abby Slenker

Image of PATTERN's spring 2022 social media intern Abby Slenker

Hometown: Rutland, Vermont
School: Butler University
PATTERN Focus: Social Media and Digital Content
Instagram: @abbyslenker

Who is one of your favorite fashion icons and why?
I would say Hailey Bieber because I love her street style and she has a lot of cold weather fits —which I feel like a lot of fashion queens never have because they all live in LA — but she stays in Toronto and New York a lot. 

If you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be and why?
I would be my new Ugg platform slippers, because they are sassy, comfortable, and they make me taller. They’re really hard to walk in, though, because they have such a thick sole — you have to break them in. 

What kind of accessory could you not live without?
I’ll say the heatless hair curling rods from Amazon. I use them every night in my hair and they’re fabulous if you don’t want heat damage.

What drew you to PATTERN?
I just loved how creative it was and how much it stood out to me in comparison to other internships. It was the most authentic and less corporate, and I love the idea of working for a magazine that has such a great mission at its heart. 

If your ghost could only choose one outfit, what would it wear?
I would be wearing my comfiest pair of black leggings, some sort of oversized sweatshirt so I’m warm and comfy, and I would be wearing my platform Doc Martens because they are my most badass boots.

Taylor Felder

Image of PATTERN styling intern Taylor Felder

Hometown: Havre De Grace, Maryland
School: Butler University
PATTERN Focus: Stylist and Social Media Intern
Instagram: @tayylorfelder

How do you balance your internship with school?
Starting my internship, I was nervous about that, but PATTERN interns only work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They make it easy for students. If you keep up with your work in a timely fashion, it helps, and all of the staff are there to help you, too.

Do you have a public figure that you go to for inspiration?
Yes! There are a few people I look at for inspiration but my go-to is Maeve Reilly. She has styled lots of celebrities in the past year. I like her because she always seems to make beautiful looks that are also simple and elegant.

If you had to give your vibe a definition what would it be?
My vibe as a person is definitely extra. Just because everything I do is beyond what is needed. I laugh loudly, basically everything I do is a production.

What are a few TV shows that you would recommend?
The first one is New Girl — funny show you can throw on in the background; Emily in Paris — fashion and drama; Gossip Girl; Rick and Morty — it makes you think and it is so funny.

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be?
I have thought about it a lot! I would pick the first name Ariana. For the last name, I would actually pick my mother’s last name, Banks. Also, partially because I always loved Tyra Banks growing up.  

Katie Freeman

Hometown: Vincennes, Indiana
School: Butler University
PATTERN Focus: Journalism

What does a day-off look like for you, chillin, maxin’ + relaxing?
A day off for me involves no productivity and lots of rest. Maybe having a self-care day — perhaps watching New Girl or cooking myself something that feels fancy, like bruschetta or French onion soup.

Do you take naps? If so, why and where?
I don’t take naps nearly as often as I used to, but when I do, it’s out of sheer necessity and it most definitely is going to last at least three hours. My bed is my ideal nap location because I can take up a lot of space and it’s also nice and quiet. 

What fashion-related advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?
I would tell my 15-year old that the concept of pulling something off doesn’t exist — don’t worry about what others think about you!

Do you have a favorite nickname? If so, who gave it to you, why is it important to you?
So, my real name is Kathryn, but most people call me Katie — it just feels more like me. Sometimes, though, my close friends call me Katie Girl, which always makes me smile. Something about it just feels extra special. 

If you could share a meal with any 3 individuals, living or dead, who would they be?
Immediately Cher. Probably also Pete Davidson and Spencer Shay (the infamous brother of Carly Shay). They’re all unhinged to some degree, and I need to see them all interact with one another. 

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