Meet Our Fall 2019 Interns

Introducing our Fall 2019 interns! They seem happy now, but wait until they see all the work we have in store for them this semester 😂 We’re excited to get to know them over the next twelve weeks and hope you do the same. Read more about them below!

Danielle Barry

Name: Danielle Barry
School: IUPUI
Major: Communications
Hometown: Fishers, Indiana
PATTERN Focus: Photography
Guilty Pleasure: Netflix and naps
What do you always carry with you: Listerine strips (cool spearment)
Favorite Place in Indy: Broad Ripple Vintage
Pets: Bob, Boo, and Puppy (all cats)
Favorite Influencer: Jameela Jamil, Ashley Graham (body positivity and environmental contributions)
If you could have a super power what would it be: To heal
Instagram: @ddaniellebarry

Christina Ramos

Name: Christina Ramos
School: Graduated in 2015 from Herron School of Art and Design
Major: Photography
Hometown: Indianapolis
PATTERN Focus: Photography
Guilty Pleasure: Crime podcasts or shows and brownies and ice cream
What do you always carry with you: Body spray and deodorant, hair ties
Favorite Place in Indy: The library
Pets: Wants a teacup pig some day
Favorite Influencer: Gina Rodriguez
If you could have a super power what would it be: Teleportation
If you could not work in the arts, what career would you have pursued: Forensic Anthropologist
Instagram: @xtina_somar

Ashley Crain

Name: Ashley Crain
School: Senior at IUPUI
Major: Events Management
Hometown: Greensburg, Indiana
PATTERN Focus: Events
Guilty Pleasures: Rosé wine cake from whole foods
What do you always carry with you: My epi pen, my reusable water bottle, and an extra gold chain
Favorite Place in Indy: My house
Pets: My cat Kali
Favorite Influencer: Sophia Pajipanteli, Lucinda Graham, Emilia Fart
If you could have a super power what would it be: To rejuvenate the planet!
What are three essentials for you this fall: A gold chain, a chunky pair of sneakers, and a bum bag
Instagram: @ashcrain16

Carl Nelson

Name: Carl Nelson
School: Butler Univeristy
Major: Digital Production
Hometown: The Chicago suburbs, Wheaton to be exact, I moved to Indianapolis my Freshmen year of college for school
PATTERN Focus: Photography
What is your favorite thing about Indy: I love the connection that everyone has here, everybody supports one another
What is your favorite part of Chicago: There are a lot of opportunities there, lots of streetwear stores too. It’s the little things there and it’s easier to get your foot in the door there
What is your dream job: I have yet to figure that out, some type of photography job for some artists, brands or social media photography
What got you into photography: I was inspired by social media, it’s not expensive to start up. A professor influenced me to do what I want to do and helped me find that creativity
If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only have three things with you, what three things would they be: A survival pack (is that cheating?), water and a crank radio
Instagram: @carlnelsoon

Tristan Schilling

Name: Tristan Schilling
School: Ball State University
Major: Telecommunications and journalism
Hometown: Indianapolis
PATTERN Focus: Journalsim
What is your dream job: To integrate my love for cars and journalism as an automotive journalist
How would you describe your style: Classic casual. I like to invest in quality pieces that will last a lifetime
What was your favorite trip: Spending 3 months in Madrid, Spain where I also met my current girlfriend
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Either here in Indy or relocated in Germany
Instagram: @tristanx21

Madison Page

Name: Madison Page
School: Indiana State University
Major: Textiles, Apparel and Merchandising
Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana
PATTERN Focus: Styling
Dream job: A fashion historian or fashion writer
Favorite fashion item: English riding boots. I wear them from fall to spring
Hobbies: Making earrings
If you couldn’t be in fashion what would you do: I would be a flight attendant
Instagram: @madisonpage_

Landess Huston

Name: Landess Hutson
School: Ball State University
PR/French double major (fluent)
Hometown: Indianapolis
PATTERN Focus: Journalism
Dream job: Editor at fashion magazine
90s (old tv), uses pinterest to draw inspiration
Favorite part about Indy: It has small and big city aspects
Favorite food: Italian food (diablo pasta from Puchinis)
Goals for 2019: Graduating early, this internship, pass all classes, and moving to Austin next summer
Other hobbies: Film photography (started year ago) and shopping
Instagram: @landesshutson

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