Interview with Jeremy Pingul of Connect One Threads

We want to positively impact the lives of farmers, workers, artists and designers we’re connected to, and set a new trend where fashion just isn’t about looking good, but doing good. We are citizens of the world, and we want to empower people to be the same.” –COT

Last week I caught up with Jeremy Pingul, CEO of Connect One Threads, at Mediterra Indy for their launch event. I was first introduced to Connect One Threads at RAW Indy’s Sensory art showcase this past May. I was immediately interested to learn more about the brand due to the eye-catching artwork on the t-shirts and the feel of the cotton used to make them. I learned that Connect One Threads is a sustainable brand and collective that connects global artists, designers, organic cotton producers and farmers to create ethical fashion apparel.  I was able to sit down with Jeremy at the Connect One Threads Event and further discuss more about the start of Connect One Threads, his vision, and the future of the brand. The idea of the brand started as final thesis about sustainable fashion in Jeremy’s senior year at Indiana University in 2011. He ran with the idea, traveled the world, and created his sustainable line with his partner Andrew Kiproff. So far, they have launched their first sustainable t-shirt collection and are already working on some big moves for the future such as a collaboration with Kenneth Cole that is due to drop this fall.  You can support their movement and buy t-shirts by donating to their campaign on indiegogo.

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