Bicycling in Style

The month of May has certainly brought out fashionable Indianapolis cyclists to enjoy the spring weather in the Circle City. Whether cycling on the Cultural Trail in Fountain Square on First Friday or riding a Bike Share bike past the Pattern store on a weekday, Indy cyclists sure know how to ride a bike in style. The fixie cyclists who speedily ride around Monument Circle at dusk stylishly cuff their jeans while cyclists peddling on the canal path pair fashion with functionality as they wear a tees from United State of Indiana. Cycling around town is a great way to show off your spring style. Indy’s bike lanes not only serve a functional purpose of helping cyclists get to where they need to be, but they additionally offer on-lookers the chance to see Indy fashion, up close, not hidden by a car. Bike lanes become runways for cyclists on their way home from work or on the way out to dinner with friends. Fashion and community are able to come together on the bicycle paths and lanes throughout the neighborhoods of Indianapolis. Local Indy designers have also embraced the bicycle by featuring bicycle graphics on their designs. Try showing your unique style by dusting off your bike and go for a ride or bring a touch of bicycle inspiration to your wardrobe with a printed bicycle tee, skirt, or a pair of patterned socks. You can also accessorize with eco-friendly jewelry made from upcycled bicycle components.

Interested in learning more about cycling in Indianapolis? Visit Indy Cog’s website or check out the upcoming Indy Criterium and festival this July held at Monument Circle. Discover more at

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