Big Hair, Vintage Style!

Fashion photo shoots can always be made visually more interesting by having fabulously voluminous hair. When I shot The Luxe, the concept called for a one of the models to have a vintage style and that included the hair as well as the clothing. Phil Salmon of French Pharmacie is a hair wizard! He whipped up this creation on Paulina’s head in literally a matter of 30 minutes. How did he do it? See below!

Phil, very graciously, has provided his step by step formula for fabulous vintage photo shoot hair!

1.  Use a dry shampoo to give hair the texture to get really big.
2.  Across the hairline and three inches back, make barrel rolls with a large iron. Secure with pins.
3.  The rest gets teased and twisted tightly up the back and rolling to a finish on the crown. Secure with a few pins.
4.  Brush the rolled in front section and lightly tease, then brush surface into paddle shapes over the hair in back.
5.  Voila!
6. Lights! Camera! Action!
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