8Fifteen Celebrates a Decade of Success!

Photos by Shelly Johnson

[dropcap letter=”W”]ithout a doubt, 8Fifteen still stands strong in the Indy fashion market as it reaches its first ten year mark. We had the opportunity to speak with store owner, Erin Welch, about her long journey of growth and prosperity.

Congratulations on the 10 year anniversary of 8Fifteen! What has been the most surprising over the last 10 years of running 8Fifteen?
It takes a village. Everyone that has worked here has helped the store grow and give exceptional customer service. Also, the loyalty of our client base is so incredible and thoughtful. We couldn’t be here without a great staff and amazing clients.

What has been your greatest source of motivation and inspiration to keep your store up and running?
I would say that being present in the store daily and being present as an owner. I love what I do and I love walking into my store everyday and staying involved.

What was one of your greatest challenges keeping 8Fiteen afloat?
I think educating the customer about why I feel the lines I carry are amazing. Some people get stuck on the “go to labels,” and opening their eyes to new and exciting lines is always refreshing. Having the trust of my clients is everything.

How would you best describe your style and the style of 8Fifteen?
Classic wardrobe builders. I have clients from the day we opened still say the clothes they have purchased at the store are always their go-to in their closets and that makes me feel great.

What is one older fashion look/trend that you wish would come back in style?
I love a good drop crotch pant. Not everyone does, but it’s a favorite of mine if done right!

What advice would you give to small business owners trying to find their place in this market?
Staying true to yourself, keeping with your niche and finding an exceptional accountant.

What do you see in the next 10 years for 8Fifteen?
Hopefully to still be doing what I love: bringing the beautiful women all around the best of the best in fashion.

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