#TYMLI with Deborah Dorman: Marilene Kauffman

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#Tryityoumightlikeit with Deborah Dorman is a platform for a generation of approximately 80 million Baby Boomers (1946-1964) to speak out and share their wisdom and leave nothing left unsaid for the future generations to come.  

As a “Dreamer of Dreams” and one who values unconditional love and surrounding myself with kindness and good vibrations, and positive energy, I am thrilled to introduce you to this legendary spiritual healer and teacher. 

For the past five decades, she has been on a mission to help people rediscover their purpose, and receive healing, sharing wisdom and insights gained on her journey through spiritual practices from fundamentalist Baptist, to Buddhism to mystical Judaism.

This psychic rock star and intuitive therapist entered this realm with conscious recall of information from her past. She remembers her birth and where she existed before. She was also a friend of my mother’s and treasured her wise and philosophical approach to life.   

Meet an Indianapolis Baby Boomer and healer Marilene Isaacs Kauffman!

Deborah Dorman: In your professional career, was there a time you fell off the ladder of life? And who was there to pick you up?

Marilene Kauffman:  I never fell off the ladder as my career picked me. I was studying acting and psychology and counseled people in college. I have had my ups and downs, but I have still continued to do my work full time for decades. My mother has always been there for me then and now.

DD: In your spiritual journey what memory or a person has stood out?

MK: My memory isn’t in the past or a person but the constant connection with the Holy Spirit, the feminine aspect of the Trinity. I was brought up in a world where the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all men. Yet I had to ask – how did anything get born?

DD: You are originally from Connersville, Indiana transplanted to the big city. Is there a change in Indianapolis that you have embraced in a positive way?

MK:  I am very happy to see the restoration that has happened in downtown Indy. I moved here in 1974 after having lived all over the country. I had to leave to fully embrace living here, and I am so appreciative of this great city. No matter where I currently live, whether Hollywood or Puerto Rico, Indianapolis will always be No. 1.

DD: What is the best advice you have ever received? 

MK: Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes.  I see everyone’s perspective in a story or situation. It is one of my main teachings that I share and try to practice myself. During the past elections and political climate, I have also encouraged people to be the President of your own life. Heal your own life. When we are fearful, we want to control or be controlled. Perfect love, which is unconditional, casts out all fears. We have a choice to live in fear or actualize unconditional love.  

DD: What is the one thing you wish your 25 year-old self knew before embarking on your path of life? 

MK: Do not take things personally. Get the big picture. In modern times, most things are not personal. And people project things onto other people. Do inner work and become whole from within, then the outer world, then what happens in the outer world will no longer activate you.

DD: If you had the opportunity to start over again, what would you do differently? 

MK: I would let go of drama at an early age, be as good to myself as I am to others, and be more balanced with my time and energy.

DD: Describe a life-changing moment.

MK:  In 1972, I realized that religion and spirituality were two different things. After attending a particular Buddhist gathering that only happens every couple of thousand years, a monk handed me an orange from the altar that had been blessed (after the crowd of thousands departed due to rain ) I could not understand why everyone left, and I was still there praying. He explained that the crowd thought it was raining, and you knew it was purging. There are no coincidences and my life is full of miracles. Years later, my mother and my son, and I attended a tantric teaching that had never been done before in the USA.  Merlin and I were able to go on the stage where the Dalai Lama and the Monks were praying.  The Dalai Lama looked at us and picked an orange up from the altar and handed it to the Monks to give to my son, Merlin. The biggest miraculous blessing of all is that my son Merlin has had direct blessings on three different occasions from the Dalai Lama.

DD: You are a “Dreamer of Dreams “ with all your devoted patrons.  Is there a dream that you long to fulfill for yourself?

MK:  I have been fortunate to know true love. I also know what it is like to be alone and not be lonely. If it is in my great divine blueprint, I would love to have another great soul connection and love come into my life.

DD: Five words that describe yourself?

MK: Loving, Intelligent, Adventurous, Intuitive, and Fun

DD: How did you come to love your profession?

MK: From day one, I was doing what I believe I have done for lifetimes. I am helping to facilitate healing and seeing it happen before my eyes.  I have always had a home office and gone to people’s homes and businesses. As I have grown in my career, I have been so fortunate to have families who have been with me for generations. I was so young that now I have my client’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is the feedback that I get that I find so rewarding and knowing that I have made a difference in a person’s life.

DD: If you could have a cocktail with one special person and discuss your life, who would that be?

MIK:  I would love to have a drink with Albert Einstein. He knew all about light, relativity and space and time. I would love to learn from him and share my experiences in those arenas. Personally, my son and I stayed in an Airbnb in Amsterdam that was a former school where he taught. I could feel his energy there.

DD: Is the word “Retirement” in your vocabulary?

MK:  I am still working at 72. It isn’t the type of work you retire from. I am doing more ongoing work with people rather than hourly sessions. I work with families, individuals and corporate America. I am the healer of people, places, and animals. I have been described as a walking smudge stick. I have plans to do more  virtual spiritual teaching and finish  writing a couple of books and conducting spiritual retreats.

DD: We are living in the most challenging of times of our lives. If given the opportunity, what would you do to make this world better?

MK: When actualizing unconditional love instead of fear, you become a fountain of energy that affects positive change. This is not a concept.  Individually, we can all be the difference and make this world a better place.

DD: What are the three essential characteristics in your profession as a spiritual leader and healer?

MK:   The first is that you have to be the one who does the work. The second is that you have to walk the walk and finally, love yourself and others, and nurture yourself, and do not surround yourself in a toxic environment.

DD: Finally, what is your proudest moment?

MK:  The proudest moment of my life is giving birth to my son Merlin Alexander Kauffman.  I had natural childbirth so I could be consciously connected to him then and now.

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