Summer 2021 Trends Style Guide

Summer is right around the corner, but we’re stepping back into ’90s and 2000s-inspired fits for the warmer season. Bright colors and fun styles such as strappy wrap-around tops and pants printed with funky designs put a new twist on older fashion trends from decades past. That’s the fun thing about fashion –– it’s cyclical, and when it comes back around, it’s easy to put your own personal twist on an old style!


The bold colors dominating this summer’s trends are stitching their way into crocheted pieces such as halter tops, shorts, and cropped cardigans! These aren’t your grandmother’s knits, either. Keep an eye out for crochet pieces featuring retro-inspired florals, striped patterns, and lots of straps. 

Criss-Cross Straps

For those who like to make every outfit their own, wrap-around straps give the perfect opportunity for a versatile, personalized look. Whether the straps are attached to bottoms or a top, this tied-up trend takes many shapes and forms: cutouts and keyholes add a peekaboo of skin, multiway tops can be tied to create various silhouettes, and long straps can either be criss-crossed around the waist or tied up into a cute bow!

Patchwork Pieces

This popular style combines several elements into one mismatched, yet cohesive, piece. Various types of fabric materials and prints can be mixed together to create a collage-like effect, and an exposed hem adds detail and defines each section. These pieces can be worn alone or can be layered to add texture and visual interest to an outfit.

Beaded Jewelry

The friendship bracelets you might have made at summer camp just got an upgrade! Colorful beads, pearls, and chains are being mixed and matched with one another to create this eclectic style. More is more this summer, especially when it comes to jewelry. These beaded baubles can be stacked together to add some extra vibrance to your fit. How fun!

Funky Prints

For those looking to make a statement, funky prints are the way to go. Gingham, swirls, and animal prints help elevate otherwise basic bottoms and tops. Prints can be mixed and matched with one another to create a unique, bold look, but they can also be paired with plain pieces for more casual occasions. Either way, the potential combinations are endless! 

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