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With a North American tour kicking off next month, Indiana native and extremely creative entrepreneur Lauren Sanderson is making her mark in the music industry. Lauren grew up in the Hoosier State but is spreading her talents across the country. This artist began her career as a motivational speaker and gained fame after posting Youtube videos of herself doing covers of popular songs. After working on her music and releasing her latest EP DONT PANIC!, Lauren has gained a following in the industry and is starting her tour with Chase Atlantic on June 14th. Lauren will be in Indianapolis on July 16th to perform at Old National Centre.

Tell us about your musical background.
I know a lot of musicians were raised on vocal lessons or have some family members as musicians but honestly I don’t have either, I have just always loved music. My first memory of it was when I was seven and my mom bought the Ciara “Goodies” album. I played it on repeat until I memorized every lyric and something just sparked in my soul that day. When I was in high school I found a recording studio in my city and kind of just starting rapping on YouTube beats which eventually turned into singles and EP’s. Through documenting my journey and my passion, I gained a following. I feel pretty blessed about it.

Tell us about the mix you curated. Does it give off a type of mood? What should we be doing while listening in?
Definitely put in a pair of headphones and get out a piece of paper. Just start writing about your dreams, your goals, what you see yourself doing now and in the future. This is a place of true freedom. Free yourself and express your heart.

What groups are killing the game right now?
I’ve always really liked Tyler The Creator. I love what he’s doing and always has done. I also love Lana Del Rae, Russ and Cigarettes After Sex. They are all amazing, left of center, authentic artists.

Tell me about your past and current music projects.
My past projects are all based off being a small town girl with huge ass dreams. Since a few months ago, I have been working on my debut album, which is HUGE for me. It will be totally dedicated to the feeling of growing up in the Midwest. Late nights in your friends basements, gas station pop, smoking cigarettes on somebody’s roof until 3am. I will never let that part of me go. I’m super dedicated to showing other small town kids that everything you need to succeed is already inside of you. You just have to let go of fear & go for it.

What are your interests outside of music?
I love to skateboard, drive aimlessly around LA, writing in my journal about everything & nothing and traveling for no reason. I also have a thrift shop called “WOAH thrift” to fulfill the lil entrepreneur in me. I just really like creating. Life’s cool.

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Take a look at Lauren’s music video for “The Only One.”

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