Q+A with Entrepreneur Linda Souders

Photography by Jamar Mitchell

Linda Souders does it all! Not only is she a passionate entrepreneur, but she also is a full-time nurse. Despite her busy schedule, she makes time for her passion for fashion by being a business owner. ReStyled by is a resale boutique, owned by Linda, specializing in new and gently used clothing, shoes and accessories. Recently, Linda stopped by the PATTERN office to share her insights on being an Indianapolis-based entrepreneur in the retail industry.

Lina Al-Abdulmunem: What’s your background? How did you become an entrepreneur?
Linda Souders: I’ve always loved fashion. I am a nurse full-time by trade, but I’ve always been into fashion by not necessarily following what’s on trend but following what I like. I go against the grain and that’s always been my thing. In grade school, my mom kind of started my interest through thrifting and resale stores. I just loved to be me and show myself through fashion. I’ve also always wanted to help others come into their own through fashion so why not do it? I started by picking up things for my family members, but I was giving it away. Of course, you get tired of just giving away things because that’s money. I started to sell items to family members, kind of like personal shopping. After that, it kind of just went from there!

LA: What inspired you to create ReStyled by?
LS: I ‘ve always wanted a store. I used to have a shoe/accessory boutique back in 2008 with a friend. At the time, we were co-owners. Once I got out of nursing school, it was just something that was burning in me. I had that passion, and it would not go away. I kept telling my husband that this is something I want to do. So, I prayed about it and started looking for spaces.

LA: When did you start ReStyled by?
LS: I started ReStyled by in April of 2017. We are coming up on our two-year anniversary soon!

LA: Where did you learn how to start a business?
LS: Google! I also do have a cousin, who is a paralegal, so I went to her for different things. I literally googled things about everything that I needed, such as a reseller’s license, taxes, and everything else. The state of Indiana also has a website called Indiana.gov so I contacted them if

I couldn’t get all of the information that I needed through just reading. I also utilized the people around me that I knew and reached out to them.

LA: What is one goal you hope to accomplish during 2019 or in the near future? 
LS: My goal for 2019 is getting my store more out in the community. I want to do more pop-up and community events. I want the city of Indianapolis to know the name ReStyled by. I would like to do some styling events just to get into the community. I also plan on doing back-to-school drives and I would like to do a prom dress giveaway as well.

LA: Do you have any advice for other people looking to become entrepreneurs?
LS: A team is necessary. You need someone you can count on for things. My team consists of my husband. We’ve never done anything like this before, but he is very good with his hands. So, our space was built to suit because of him. You know how you have a project in mind, and it doesn’t necessarily turn out how you have it in your head? My space turned out better than I have ever imagined, and it wouldn’t have had I not had him…or it may have but I wouldn’t have been able to afford it!

You can keep up with ReStyled By on Instagram, TwitterFacebook and their website!

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