IN POSE: A New Kind Of Modeling Class

Getting your feet wet in the modeling industry can be a tricky thing to do. Whether you grew up watching America’s Next Top Model, or you were scouted while shopping at the mall, it can be frightening, confusing, and discouraging when you first start out. You’re essentially the star of the show, but what if you don’t know what to do? That’s where photographer Chantal Dominique and makeup artist and model Rachel Madison come in.

The pair noticed the modeling potential not only in their home state of Indiana, but in the Midwest and wanted to share their experiences and guide models who want to purse the next step in their career. Chantal has a background in fashion photography and model development that spans almost 7 years, while Rachel started in makeup and through working on various sets and photo shoots, she began coaching models.

“Most of the agencies around here require their models to go to one training session or course through their agency. Some provide monthly trainings and others are one and done and the model learns on set. We didn’t see what we wanted to do in Indiana at least, one-on-one or four session going through posing,” Dominique said.

Madison added, “We really wanted our posing classes to center around teaching our models how to feel the most confident in themselves and in their posing so that they can take that with them to further their careers as a model. Our goal for every class is that every model, from beginner to pro, that comes in leaves with an incredible amount of knowledge and confidence.”

Thus, IN POSE was born. The two paired up with makeup artist Jon Gregory, and stylist Cena Macklin to complete the team. Each class starts out with the models in one large circle practicing poses, then half go to makeup and half get dressed. Each four-hour class seems daunting from the start, but flies by in a snap.

“We have several more classes planned for 2021 which is so exciting! Each one just gets better and better and we’re hoping to keep expanding. We’ve created such a unique, positive experience and we’re so proud of that,” said Madison.

“We’ve seen models leave our class and get signed in Chicago, one is pushing to try to get signed in New York. We are selective in the process and don’t accept models who we don’t think could actually make it in the industry. Not that we’re the full-on judges of who will and won’t make it, that’s not our job. But we’re not going to accept someone into our program if we don’t see that potential for their future or if we don’t see the drive in them to get there. We’re not here to seek out money and cheat people. We’re here to help out as much as possible,” said Dominique.

Apply to be part of IN POSE’s April 18th class and future classes here. Follow IN POSE on Instagram, Chantal on Instagram, and Rachel on Instagram as well!

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