Desmon Maurice Keeton: DLIST SS15 Preview

We asked Keeton to tell us a little bit about himself and his collection:

I do not have a traditional background in fashion. I did not attend college for design or anything remotely close to fashion. However I did attend a visual and performing arts high school and middle school as an art major which is where I believe my passion for creative and fashion started.

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My style is very edgy, rare, unique, striking and daring.
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I like to push the envelope a little bit and create pieces that will get attention. At the same time, I like for my designs to make the consumer feel attractive and confident. I want wearing my designs to be an experience. I love to focus on unique detailing that accentuates the most attractive parts of the body.
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Indy fashion is important to me because it signifies the emergence of various creative designers. It forces you to dig deep and find inspiration in places many don’t see it. I believe the nature and reputation of this city when speaking of fashion is unique because it does not have the impact of major fashion capitals such as NYC, Miami, or LA. Fashion in Indy does not have a major platform yet.  That being said, I feel the designers in Indianapolis have to really rely on imagination, foreign research, and ideas to gather enough knowledge, inspiration and understanding of the fashion industry to make a respectable mark. I would like to bring my own interpretation of what I see in society, culture and history to the fashion scene here and build a following and brand big enough to attain international success and exposure.
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Photographer | Steve Brokaw
Model & Makeup | Katherine Gulling
Styling & Hair | Desmon Maurice Keeton
Location | M10 Studio
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