CreativeMornings with Jack Hesser

Photo Courtesy Hesser

The Kan-Kan Cinema prepares for June’s CreativeMornings event, hosted by Ryan Hunley. These monthly lectures provide an open space to connect with creatives from all avenues. Operating since 2008, CreativeMornings continues to offer community, creativity, and opportunity to all participants. The event is free to the public and takes place one Friday morning each month.

This month’s speaker is Jack Hesser, an Indiana public school teacher. PATTERN talked with Hesser to get a glimpse of what he plans to speak about.

Hesser has been teaching for six years and is very passionate about building connections through storytelling. This will be his first-ever CreativeMornings and he’s beyond grateful to be chosen as a speaker. Hesser was recognized as Indiana Earth Science Teacher of the Year in 2019, and IPS Teacher of the Year in 2020. His award-winning teaching skills put him at an advantage when it comes to public speaking. As he enjoys teaching his middle school kids, he also loves to inspire others by sharing life lessons. His speech is focused on the power of making mistakes. The theme of this month’s CreativeMornings is wilderness. For Hesser, he sees this theme as an opportunity to share his very “unprepared” hiking trip. Although he messed up by being unprepared for a vigorous hike, he understood the importance of learning from his failures and using them to help him expand.

“There is beauty in mistakes!” Hesser says.

If there’s one thing that Hesser wants listeners to take away from his speech, it would be that although mistakes can be beautiful, they can also be destructive. Mistakes are a part of what makes us human, but they can also hurt others if you’re being careless. Hesser wants us to look at our faults from a different perspective.

Tune into Hesser’s speech on June 24th at 8:30 AM at the Kan-Kan Cinema to hear more.

Interested in attending the next CreativeMornings talk? Register for free here. Keep up with Jack Hesser on Instagram and TikTok.

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