5 Holiday shopping tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The sidewalks are filled with bustling shoppers. Everyone is in a cheerful mood humming their favorite holiday tune. There is a feeling of warmth and goodwill filling the winter air…that’s what the movies would have you to believe, at any rate! The reality is that while the Holiday season can be wonderful, for many of us it is also a time of massive stress. And a lot of it has to do with gift shopping. With that in mind, I have five tips to help keep the cheer in your holiday shopping.

1. Dress for the occasion 

Thank goodness for the awesome fall trend of layering! Dressing in comfortable thin layers will not only keep you warm, but will also allow you to forego lugging a bulky coat by leaving it behind in your parked car. Having full range of motion will assure you can snag that perfect gift, while carrying a bunch of shopping bags and sipping on your favorite coffee drink! Recently Indianapolis Star asked me about my perfect shopping outfit and I told them that it was an Indy designed tee shirt, cardigan, denim, and a light jacket.

2. Pictures are key

Simplify holiday shopping by making sure your shopping list has pictures. Not only will it bring sanity to your shopping task, but it will make store associates better able to assist you. Trust me. When I was a manager at a retail store, there would be countless numbers of people in search of that “one shirt”. Not surprisingly, the shirt they described was never the shirt they were looking for. This would happen over and over again during the holiday shopping season and it drove me nuts! I suggest you try using an app like Pinterest to track your gift list. It’s available for both iPhones and Androids and is ridiculously simple to use. Your gift-shopping life will forever be changed, I promise!


3. There is an app for that

Speaking of apps, you might be surprised what special treats you can find through an app on your phone. Some apps offer specialin-store discounts or promotions, just for having the app. Also try checking into your store on the Foursquare app, sometimes stores offer discounts that way too. Some store apps also make it easy to order product that is sold out in-store. One such app is RedLaser. It lets you scan barcodes of products at the store you’re in and then compare prices of that same item at other stores. That way you’re sure to get the best deal! There are also reviews.

4. Treat yourself

I won’t tell if you don’t! Plan on taking a shopping break and getting yourself a fancy beverage, or a sweet treat. It’s okay to splurge a bit on yourself. Your hard work should be rewarded! Just know that holiday shopping is never a quick trip and be prepared to fuel up frequently to keep your energy and spirits up!

5. 2:1 ratio

This holiday keep in mind the 2:1 ratio. For every two purchases you make at a national brand, make one purchase with a local brand or boutique. Shopping local might add to your legwork, but think about all the residual benefits to your city and the local brands and boutique owners! In an effort to simplify shopping local, Yelp Indy is coordinating it’s 3rd annual Yelp’s Bazaar to take place at the Old City Hall 12/12. It’s truly one of my all-time favorite shopping events! And happily, Pattern will be hosting a fashion lounge again, with more vendors and more fantastic buys. It will be a perfect go-to place for local holiday gifts.

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