What’s new at Midwest Fashion Week

Many of you may have noticed that the “Midwest” in Midwest Fashion Week is not spelled as one word; a small change, but a necessary one.  The website has taken a drastic turn for the better, both functionally and aesthetically. There’s no doubt that MFW has a new look.

Here is what’s new:


This concept invites retailers to host a special event in honor of Midwest Fashion Week, in essence garnering some fashion excitement over all of the parties happening that week. This could take on the form or a special sale, a presentation by a guest designer or a party or some sort.  N. Rue and Co. is the first participating retailer.

Andi Hauser

Special Guests

This year MFW boasts a long list of special guests that will host and attend events throughout the week. The guests include exactly one fashion professional: Andi Hauser, co-host of WISH TV’s IndyStyle. The others reflect MFW’s attempt to widen its scope. Other guests include Diane G. Thomas of The International Center, singer Jennie Devoe, Indianapolis Star sports editor Jim Lefko and “Survivor” contestant Robert Boneham.

Community Outreach

In past years events related to MFW have been strictly fashion-themed. This year, with hopes of broadening its appeal, MFW is hosting several events that bridge a gap between fashion and things like food and sports. For example, “Monday Night Fashion” includes a sportswear fashion show in the Baker & Daniels suite at Lucas Oil Stadium, featuring professional athletes as models. The “Food Meets Fashion Event” partners with the International Film Festival to bring attendees fashion films at the Arts Cinema at Landmark Theater and catering by local restaurants.  Such events are aimed at spreading awareness of MFW by inviting local cultural institutions and their supporters to be part of the Indianapolis fashion family.

Michael Michele

Midwestern Designers

Each designer involved in the show is connected to the Midwest in some way, whether they be from here or currently reside here.  That includes celebrity designer Michael Michele, of “Er” fame. This year’s designers also represent a broad spectrum of consumers, like bridal, children and plus-size. Designers include Antonio Fermin, Brittany Humble, Catherine Fritsch, Berny Martin, Arlinda Norris and more.

Click here to view a full schedule of events.

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