What We’re Thankful For 2019: The Fellow Edition

Hi! We’re Sam and Megan and we’re Creative Fellows at PATTERN! 2019 has been a hectic year that’s been a bit hard to keep up with at times, but we conquered it like the boss ass bitches we are!! As today is Thanksgiving, we want to spend the day reflecting on all the things that we’re grateful for. We also want to thank you, our PATTERN fam, for supporting and believing in us and helping us grow each and every day!!

1. Creative Services: We got to work with several companies around Indy creating digital and print content for them, and helping tell their story to our community, and we had a lot of fun dong it! Companies like Encore Sotheby’s International, Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana and others! We learned a ton!

2. New staff: This year we said goodbye to two fellow Fellows (Claire and Julie) and welcomed a new Fellow, Megan, to the team.

3. Social Media love: We hit 12K followers on Instagram this year (thanks to our Social Media Fellow, Sam), and we’re pretty excited about that – love all our followers! Now if we can just get the Verified badge, we’d be over the moon! Looking forward to creating some awesome content for you in 2020!

4. The Indianapolis International Airport: Thanks to support from Central Indiana Community Foundation, we were able to have a custom-built magazine stand pop-up at the airport in the baggage claim area so that visitors could get to experience our version of Indianapolis by picking up a copy of PATTERN magazine. We had to refill the stand weekly (we repeat, WEEKLY) because they were going like hot cakes!

5. Louis Vuitton pop-up shops: This one’s a bit random, but we loved our visits to locations in LA and Chicago! And only wish one of these could happen in Indy.

6. Polina’s battle music soundtrack: Our boss loves epic soundtrack music. We call it “battle music” because it literally sounds like something you’d hear playing as a bunch of bearded, dust-covered warriors on horseback are riding full tilt into battle. Some mornings, we’d come into the office and this music would be playing. We’ve learned that that means she’s in a “get shit done” kinda mood. Very motivating, you should try it!

7. Freedcamp: This year we got so busy, and had so many projects that we finally started using a task management software for everything. Freedcamp has been a big help!

8. The hustle & grind: We continue to be reminded that the hustle and the daily grind are very much at the center of personal and professional success. Yes, some days it does seem too much, and we just want to curl up on the couch with our fur children, Netflix and chill, but ultimately, all the cool stuff happens because of the H&G.

9. SUPPLY Rebrand: We rebranded our annual tradeshow, StreetExpo to SUPPLY, with Megan doing a stellar job of it and had a great event with 27 different vendors. Next year it will be even better!

10. Instagram story filters: Even though posting on Instagram now takes even MORE time, we sure love all the new filters!

11. Bagels with cream cheese: Hey Starbucks, can you sponsor Megan’s daily habit??

12. Memes/vine references: Vine will never die. Nuff said!

13. Interns: By Golly we looooove and are so grateful for our interns! Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Thank you guys for working hard and putting up with us!!

14. Clustertruck: We call our love of Clustertruck as our way of investing back into the local economy. Love that they keep trying new things too, although Polina was really bummed that the avocado toast is only available till 11am. lol.

15. The dawn of a new day: New days bring a fresh start and new ideas. It’s hard sometimes, but we’re learning to live in the now, and not panicking too much about the future.

16. IKEA: Not only do we love their furniture, we love the awesome collaborations they’ve been doing this year! We were so honored to be able to preview and do fun photoshoots with the Virgil Abloh collection and the IKEA Art Event, before they opened to the public. Abloh’s Mona Lisa and clock are proudly hanging in our office!

17. Buckingham Co: We would not have our amazing office space if not for the generous support from Buckingham Co. So grateful! We also LOVE all the street art that Buckingham has commissioned this year. You can see it at Library Square and CityWay, and it’s amazing!

18. All our contributors: Thank you for your contributions and hard work. We couldn’t do it without you!

19. Paris: PATTERN has a special connection with this city. We just can’t stay away!

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