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Summer is a busy season for many people when it comes to weddings. July through October is traditionally recognized as “Wedding Season”. Save the dates have been sent. RSVPs have been submitted. The wedding venue has been booked at the site. The ladies typically have a resource of dresses and accessories prepared for special occasions like weddings. Most men, on the other hand, have a different perspective on wedding attire. The average guy dresses the same for weddings as he would for a work meeting.

I have selected a day and evening wedding look for men. Yes guys, there is a different dress protocol for day and evening weddings. Generally speaking day weddings are a little more casual in dress. Night weddings require a little more of a sophisticated celebratory attire. I went to Nordstrom‘s  website to select my perfect wedding outfits. When it comes to suits and dress shirts, it is important for men to try on their selected garments. The last thing you want is your suit being ill fitting!


A day wedding tends to be a little more casual in dress. The items I selected came from Nordstrom and The Sunglass Hut. The look is built around a slate colored Hugo suit with pattern. Hugo tends to have a classic tailoring perfect for the male form. The slate color is perfect for pairing with a wide range of accent colors. I selected a Ben Sherman dress shirt. Ben Sherman’s dress shirts have a level of sophistication mixed with playful colors and detail. I chose a patterned shirt that has a playful pink striping. The shirt will still be able to carry the look when the blazer is removed at the reception. My personal styling suggestion would be to wear a bow-tie with the shirt in a bright pink or yellow. Not all guys feel comfortable wearing a bow-tie, so I chose a knit skinny tie with white striping. I like the contrast of the navy tie against the lighter blue and pink dress shirt. Guys tend to forget the details of the overall look. A great fashion trend is to place a wildflower to the blazer lapel. Choose a color in the same family color as the dress shirt. The smaller the flower the better for this unique detail. It is a playful accent, so don’t get anything to fancy that would compete with the wedding party.


My evening look can also be found at your local Nordstrom location. Evening weddings are my personal favorite to attend because of the opportunity to be a little more polished in dress. For my evening wedding garment selections, I stayed with a classic black and white color pallet. I choose a John Varvatos three piece suite. A three piece suite is a fantastic investment for men. You can wear the pieces individually in a plethora of options. A great three piece suit will always be in style.  I selected a white-on-white patterned Robert Graham dress shirt. The white against the black suit pieces will give a very clean and crisp look. When the blazer is removed, the patterned shirt will look just as fantastic with the vest and pants. For guys who are a little afraid of color, choose a patterned shirt. It is a subtle way to add detail to your look. Eye wear is also a great way to accessorize. Many stores are offering a faux eye wear accessory option for men. I like a black framed option best.  To add a level of fun to the overall look, I selected a John W. silk tie with polka-dots. Playing off the classic black and white color pallet, the full look is quite masculine if you’re worried about the polka dots.  If you want to add a pop of color, a great way to do that is with a pocket square. Instead of the traditional way to fold a pocket square, choose a playful way to style it. Since I stayed within the black and white color scheme, any option of color and pattern will work in the look.

The two selected looks are not complicated to reproduce. The key concept to remember is the importance of the details. Pattern, color, or accessories are the areas to “style” to your look. I suggest not to splurging on a suit that is trend focused. Stay close to the classic black or navy color options. Add trendy pieces in the shirt color or detail pieces. A dress shirt or tie are two of the easiest ways to alter the look of the suit without spending a fortune.

The suits I selected from Nordstrom are around the $900 price point. The option for the cost conscious buyer is to go to a local big box retailer. The most noticeable difference will be in the tailoring and fabric quality. Again, building a relationship with a local tailor will help fix the tailoring in the suit. A big box retailer will sell a suit ranging in the low $100 to $300 price range.

Key points:

1. Keep suit in a neutral color, and don’t be afraid to go to a tailor to alter your suit
2. Add style to your suit by adding pattern and color in the shirt and tie
3. Don’t forget the accessories; tie choice, pocket square folding and color, watch & eye wear are key

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