STREETExPO Brand Highlight: Virtual Ocean

Casey Trotter is the creator of Virtual Ocean, an Indy-based streetwear brand. Though Trotter does not consider himself an entrepreneur, he is making his way through the Indianapolis small business community.

Miller Kern: Can you describe the motive or message behind your brand?

Casey Trotter: My goal is to make clothes that I would want to wear that I don’t see anywhere else. I think it’s cool to make product for people.

MK: What prompted you to share this idea through your business?

CT: My friend Tripp bought a screen press from his friend Casson, who makes some cool shirts so I’ve been making stuff with my friends since a little after that.

MK: Where do you pull inspiration for your designs?

CT: I see what looks cool online. That’s what the name is about. There is just so much stuff online that you can just endlessly find cool stuff, like an ocean.

MK: What are some brands you look up to?

CT: Adidas. Because I like how good almost all of their clothes look. That three stripe idea is so simple, but it’s so good. Once I’m able to but more material and spend more time on each shirt I want to add a lot more lines just to break up shirts and make them look good.

MK: What are some of the main challenges you face as an entrepreneur?

CT: I don’t think I’m an entrepreneur. I just am doing this because it’s fun and it would be cool to do for a job. But money is a huge problem always. Between school and life, saving up money leaves me with a small amount of time to actually work on shirts. I just need more time in a day most days.

MK: How do you hope your brand will evolve in future years?

CT: It would be cool to do this full time and make some of the crazier designs I have.

Photos courtesy of Casey Trotter.

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