VDGNxMAB Collab Preview!

Our fantastically talented friends at VDGN partnered with the ethereal and brilliant Mab Graves to bring you some lovely t-shirt goodies that will no doubt make people ask, “Where’d you get that??”

Launching online at midnight TONIGHT, April 7, and then at VDGN’s Castleton Mall store tomorrow, Saturday, April 8, from 6-9p, these shirts are going to fly off the shelf in a blink of an eye! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

We chatted with Mab and Jared, as they prepped the store for tomorrow’s launch:

Polina Osherov: How did you and Mab meet? Did you always want to do something together, or is this a relatively new idea?

Jared Ingold: Our designer Daniel contributed some sketches to her Instagram drawing-a-day challenge and later asked if she would be interested in making a collaborative design for the brand.  We launched a single product called “Battlefield Naptown” with her last year.  It went so well that it made us want to release a full collection with her.

PO: We recently caught up with you about the opening of your new Castelton store, just a quick check in – any new revelations or developments you’d like to share with our readers? 

JI: We’ve been really pleased with the response from our new store.  We had to rush to get it open before the holidays so we’ll be slowly progressing the design and look of the store over the next 6 months.  We’ve had great feedback and people really appreciate that we’re so unique in the mall.  We’re constantly trying to figure out what building a brand in Indianapolis entails and this store has helped us get in front of more people and share our brand story.

PO: Mab, you have been an incredibly well-loved brand in Indianapolis and beyond for a number of years now. How has the creative scene evolved in the time you’ve been a part of it here? 

Mab Graves: I love Indianapolis and I love living in the Midwest! The more I travel the more deeply I appreciate Indy. So often when I’m in bigger cities people ask where I’m located and when I tell them Indiana one of the most common responses I get is “Why??” and I always say “The PEOPLE!”. Midwesterners are the most honest, genuine, hard working and wonderful people in the whole country. I’ve been battling Stage 4 endometriosis for several years now and my immune system has been so low I haven’t been able to be in crowds and get out to many art events in the Indy scene for a while. I’ve missed it. I ended up having major surgery at the end of last year so I’m hoping that as I get stronger 2017 will see me out and about more!

PO:What is your favorite and least favorite parts of being an artist?

My favorite part of being an artist is creating. It’s what I live for. I wish creating was 100% of my job! My least favorite part about being an artist is business stuff. All the meetings, phone calls, emails, social media, stocking, ordering, lists, taxes and accounting…it’s a HUGE part of the job and one I think a lot of people don’t really realize.

PO: Describe the process you engaged in to create this capsule collection!

MG: I had a company I’d been working with to produce small-batch tees independently for a while, but it was almost more work than it was worth to do solo. It’s so much to balance; mailing proofs back and forth, trying to figure out styles, colors, designs, and sizes – and risking getting it wrong and really being stuck with a bunch of bad shirts!

I had worked with VDGN on our Battlefield Naptown collab and I completely admired their aesthetic and products. I always wanted to create those kinds of tees that are our favorites for 20 years, look and feel amazing forever, and that our kids will whoop when they find them in a vintage shop someday. That’s what VDGN does. They create such solid pieces and I completely trust their industry knowledge. I could hand over the reigns and get back to doing what I do best.  Working with them was a non-brainer. Also: I have to say Daniel Jeffrey is an absolutely mind-blowing screen printer. My work has so many tones and shades its nearly impossible to translate well into screen printing. When VDGN sent me the first proofs for this release I was thrilled and asked them when they had gotten a digital printer. It wasn’t a digital printer. It was just Daniel Jeffrey: King of Screenprinting. My jaw hit the floor!

Check out these fun images by Patrick Kolts of Mab’s designs, and Mab and Jared hanging out!

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