Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is always a dreaded day for a lot of people—single or not. Some people are impossible to buy for and some of us (me) always wait until the last minute to think of gift ideas for our impossible others. Don’t worry, I thought ahead this year for you. 

  1. Letters to my love – There’s nothing more romantic than a handwritten letter. This book has 12 prompts such as  ‘When we first met,’ and ‘What I love about us’ to get your creative juices flowing.
  2. Best Chocolate in Town – Located at 880 Massachusetts Avenue, the Best Chocolate in Town is quite literally what its name implies. And everybody loves chocolate on Valentine’s Day.
  3. The Paper Peony – Paper flowers have been around for years and they can also last for years. Everyone loves flowers for Valentine’s Day, but hate when they die. The Paper Peony would make a perfect gift for your significant other and you’re supporting local businesses while you’re at it.
  4. Kate Spade Tote – There’s nothing more perfect than to receive a Valentine’s Day themed bag from Kate Spade as a gift. This would be an amazing accessory for almost any outfit.
  5. Oversized Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt – This oversized Sherpa sweatshirt is the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift to accompany dinner at home and a movie date.
  1. Jerky Heart – What’s better than a box a chocolates? A box of beef jerky. Plus, you can steal a piece and have a snack for yourself.
  2. Urban Map Glass – These glasses are the perfect custom made gift for your man. You can order it most major cities in the United States. It’s the perfect sentimental gift that he will love.
  3. Custom Face Socks – Put your face on a pair of socks and you’re guaranteed to make you man smile, even if it’s because he thinks it’s corny.
  4. James Dant – Located at 5624 E Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46219, you can shop fashion trends and support local business, plus get your man a nice shirt or jacket.
  5. Custom Wallet Insert – What better gift to give than a personalized letter your man can carry around in his wallet?
  6. Custom Knives by Ash Blades – Custom make the most gorgeous knife with local vendor Aric. Not only are these the coolest knives, but they come with a lifetime guarantee and free maintenance.
  1. Monogram Trinket Dish – Want to get your significant other something custom and thoughtful but don’t have the money to go all out? Don’t worry, Anthropologie has you covered with this beautiful trinket dish. And it’s only $14.00
  2. Personalized M&M’s – The clear teddy bear box filled with personalized M&M’s make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift on a budget. A color only box starts at $16.25.
  3. Laundry Girl Jewelry – This dainty recycled leather necklace is perfect for your significant other, the environment and your wallet. Not to mention, it’s gorgeous, local, and only $22.
  4. Mini Photo Album – Give your significant other a photo album for the abundance of Polaroids we know you take. This faux leather album is only $9.99.
  5. Vintage Kulture – Shop cute vintage clothes on a budget at Vintage Kulture. You can visit their website or stop by and see them in person at 726 E Raymond St, Indianapolis, IN 46203.
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