Twin Limb at the Hi-Fi!

The folktronic trio from Kentucky, Twin Limb, is playing in Indy at the Hi Fi tonight, Wednesday, April 6th. Doors open at 7p, show begins at 8p. Formed in 2014, the trio were recently seen at SXSW. Their almost ghostly sounds are something you can’t walk away from freely. Twin Limb’s influences are quickly identified, but even they have a difficult time narrowing down their specific genre.

For those music lovers who have never heard you play before, how would you describe your sound and the experience of seeing you live?

Have you ever wanted to be inside of a dryer full of alpaca wool and disco balls?” – from Kevin in the driver’s seat of the van. It kind of makes sense. We’ve got a big, deep, dark accordion, layered ambient sounds, sparkly psychedelic guitar and melodic vocals with tight harmonies. Our setup on stage is really tight, we’re all on top of each other. It feels like we’re a three-part machine churning our songs.

Have you been to Indy before, and if so when, and where did you play?

This is our first time playing Indianapolis. We’ve played a few shows in Bloomington and Lacey is from Bedford, so Indiana is a special place for us.

Will you be playing any unreleased tracks?

All kinds. A good chunk of our set tonight is from an upcoming full length, along with songs from our EP that was released November 2015.


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