Top 5 Digital Fashion Shows

[dropcap letter=”W”]ith social distancing and safety protocols being put in place all over the world, fashion lovers sadly can’t come together to enjoy the first glimpse at the latest designs and styles of the season. However, to make up for it, several of our favorite fashion houses and brands have given us a digital take on their typical fashion shows. These digital fashion shows give fashion mongers all over the world an equal chance to view the latest trends and here are PATTERN’s top 5 favorites: 

5. Gudrun Sjödén- In the studio: Digital fashion show | Winter 2020

One experience you typically do not get when at a fashion show is the designer explaining the purpose and each garment as you are seeing it for the first time. However, this digital fashion does just that, having a behind the scenes feel while still maintaining a polished look.

4. Chanel | Cruise 2021 | Digital

The Chanel show is highly on brand as it maintains its simple and elegant reputation. The show has an aesthetically pleasing look, effortless transitions, and allows for the viewer to get an up close view of each piece.

3. Moschino | Spring Summer 2021

This puppet fashion show was simply iconic. The show’s skit-like format made its length worth the while. The small details of the “crowd” reacting to the latest Moschino designs made it that much more intriguing, recreating the viewer’s ability to see others’ reactions while generating their own as if the show was in person. 

2. Savage X Fenty Show Vl.2

Rihanna created more than just a fashion show with this one! She gave an all around experience, with models being more than just blank canvases for clothing, but true people with bright personalities, amplifying the overall personality of each garment. The stage design was truly captivating without being distracting and the transitions were beautiful. 

1. HANIFA- 3D Digital Fashion SHow | Pink Label Capsule Collection0 A Tribute to African Seamstresses

The first ever 3D digital fashion show, it was highly recognized on social media, but not so much in the fashion industry. The choice of model-less pieces give the show a clean, simple yet groundbreaking tone. Allowing the pieces to solely speak for themselves was a bold yet well executed move. 

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