Today we shall Dine en Blanc

Today, Yelp Indy is throwing a big dinner party, but there is just one catch: You have to wear white. The Pattern Store understands the challenges of finding white fashion pieces after Labor day, so we created a white capsule collection for ladies.

You can get your hands on a piece from the small collection, by visiting our store located at 877 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204. You can also contact the store by emailing We are open Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 9pm, and Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. The collection is limited, so get it while you can. We also have some great local and national brands, that are new to Indy. You never know when we might have a glass of wine waiting for you.

Imagine 1000 people gathering for dinner under the most iconic symbols of Indy. The circle will be taken over with local food and drink, guests wearing all white, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. It will be such a great spot so spy some creative style. Not to mention some of our favorite local fashionistas, writers, and boutique owners will be represented. There might be a few seats left at the most anticipated dinner party in Indy, on Sunday September 21st. You will need to RSVP on

The Pattern Store wanted to share our top 5 tips if attending Yelp Indy’s Diner en Blanc:

1) White will reveal everything, even Victoria’s secret. 

When wearing white, a lot of colors can be seen under your white look. The last thing you will want is to show off the recent Victoria Secret purchase under your dress or pants.

2) Soda water is your friend.

Soda water will help lift stains out of your white look, of something happens while dining. Soak the stain with soda water, and blot with a paper towel or napkin. Do not rub, but dab the stain. You have to do it immediately to lift the stain, often times it is red wine.

3) RIT Dye DIY

Don’t wear white often? Be a little experimental with your white pieces post dinner, and turn that white into a unique shade that you wear often. It is a way to not be wasteful, and to extend the use of your garments. Unless you are going to multiple white parties in the year.

4) White is on trend, even past Labor day.

There are some fashion rules, that even the least fashion conscience follow. One of them is not wearing white after Labor day. That is old news. It is completely okay to wear white after Labor day. A hot color trend at the moment is the black and white combo. You can also make the fall trend colors pop when layering with white, or accenting your look with white detail.

5) Instagram it!

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? If you wear an amazing white look and don’t post it on Instagram, did you ever wear it? Pattern wants to see how you styled your all white look. Tag us on Instagram using PatternIndy, or use #PatternStore to show how you styled your fashion find from the store.

We will see you later today! Stop into the store to pick up your white piece before it’s too late.

The Pattern Store
877 Mass Ave  /  46204  or  317-833-7462


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