The Social Good: Influencer Campaign

What better way to showcase Goodwill purchases than with avid Goodwill shoppers? Those who love the thrill of the hunt and search high and low for a diamond in the rough are perfect examples of why more people should shop there. We connected with eight local influencers to chat about their favorite piece they’ve found at Goodwill and why they go back on a constant basis. Read their answers below and check out more of our campaigns with Goodwill of Central and Southern Indiana here!

Photography by Carl Nelson and Christina Ramos

Alyssa Cloud

“I love shopping at Goodwill because of the great quality vintage pieces that you can find for the fraction of the retail price.”

Instagram: @alyssacloud_

Iris Shen

“I like the patterns, colors and textures of this piece. My favorite part of shopping at Goodwill is the process, it’s like a treasure hunt. Instead of shopping at retail, you’re trying your luck. It feels like winning the lottery when you find something you really love.”

Instagram: @iris.wonderland

Michaela Meyer

“I was really drawn to the pattern of this skirt, I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone of neutrals. I work in a school environment and I find that the kids are drawn to patterns when I wear things that are a little more fun.”

Instagram: @consciously_vegan

Robert Jones

“I have always loved thrifting, I like the idea of going in and finding something that will be really cheap and with a little tailoring I could make look perfect. My favorite part of shopping at Goodwill is the adventure of it, you never know what you’ll find when you walk in.”

Personal Instagram: @realrobertjones
Business Instagram: @gentstyle2
YouTube: Gent Style

Erica Scott

“I shop at Goodwill because of the one-of-a-kind, vintage, quality pieces at a great price that is also a sustainable option.”

Instagram: @theflywon
YouTube: Erica Fly

Abigail Trent

“My closet is about 85% thrifted because there’s no reason to go out and buy new clothes when trends are constantly recycling. Shopping at Goodwill lets you save your money, the environment, and your community.”

Instagram: @abigail_c.t
Blog: Contemporary Identity
Photo by David Trent

Maria Mendezona

“I love thrift shopping, you get great deals. I love to twin with my daughter, we got maroon colored outfits that work perfectly for fall, plus they’re comfortable.”

Instagram: @rheamendezona
Blog: The Social Tumbleweed

Ashley Pokone

“Shopping at Goodwill is all about the thrill of the hunt, it is the best feeling ever finding a piece of clothing that’s just perfect.”

Instagram: @plaidlattes
Blog: Plaid Lattes

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