The bag you need for an urban adventure

Guys! A casual bag is something to take everywhere to carry all the exciting things you can’t do without. When you live in a walkable city like Indianapolis, a good bag is necessary. While we’re not as hectic as some larger cities (that make it essential to have a very sturdy bag able to withstand the rigors of crowds and public transit), that’s no excuse to walk around with a backpack you got from Target as a freshman in college. Yes! It’s time for a new bag for all of your urban adventures! Material, durability, and function are some of the things that you should be looking at as you try to find your perfect cross-city travel companion. The four casual bags below all meet my criteria above, plus they look great!


Tumi has a bag called “The ALPHA BRAVO: Knox Backpack“. I personally prefer using a backpack. The Tumi backpack is not the backpack you carried in school. The ALPHA BRAVO comes in black, too, but I love the green tone of the bag. The green is accented inside with bright orange. I am talking hunting-material orange. The color combination gives a great street vibe to the bag. The backpack also has a decent amount of zipper pockets and compartments inside of it. This is one of my favorites. The ALPHA BRAVO is similar to the Tumi messenger bag I selected for “My Holiday gift guide” for men. Rock this bag with a cool Graphic t-shirt + Denim + Osiris street shoes.

There are a few brands that can pull off being iconic as well as cool and easy, and Ralph Lauren is one of them. The “Ralph Lauren Classic Canvas Messenger Bag” is a comfortable and relaxed man’s bag. The leather accents are perfect to highlight the rugged “Montana Khaki” canvas. You can love the urban lifestyle and love your rugged roots while carrying this bag. Denim + Boots + pattern dress shirt is a perfect look with this bag.

FUL is a US brand that also has some cool camera bags. The “FUL Red Label AMPT Messenger” is a great option for those needing to carry around a laptop. Besides the fact that the bag is a cool silver color with metal accents, another feature is a fully lined corduroy laptop pocket. i like the almost compact size of the bag. It is a sleek modern design bag perfect for a trendy guy. The strap and detail work on the bag resemble that of a seat belt. Not a huge fan of that detail personally but the other details make up for it. A slick black pant + graphic hoodie + is a great look as you’re trying to make it to your tweet-up.

If you are looking for something that great cross-over from a casual to business bag, then John Varvatos has that bag. The “John Varvatos Star USA Coated Canvas Messenger Bag” is a sleek black with metal detail. The coated canvas bag is a really good option if you are wanting something to use for work and those Indianapolis adventures. A lot of places downtown hold special social events when the workday is done. This bag is perfect when gong straight from work to your urban adventure. Denim + Dress shoe + White dress shirt + Leather jacket is such a cool look for the young professional.


Hope I see you guys at YELP’s Totally Bazaar shopping party … I am sure it will help you get excited for a urban adventure.


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    Busty’s Fun Bags, a local Indianapolis handbag company, offers vinyl messenger bags perfect for Men. Michelle, the owner/designer/seamstress will be at the Yelp event Thursday selling her bags, stop by to see a local option.

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