SUPPLY Brand Highlight: Necessary Evil(s)

PATTERN’s 2019 SUPPLY tradeshow (previously known as the STREETExPO) took place on October 5. SUPPLY is the only streetwear and contemporary fashion trade show in Central Indiana and PATTERN is highlighting just a handful of the brands that were showcased at that show. SUPPLY aims to serve as a conduit between brands, buyers, designers and fashion lovers continuing to bring attention to Indy’s fashion aspirations and talent. To learn more about the event, visit the SUPPLY info page here. SUPPLY will be back in August of 2020.

Necessary Evils created a lot of buzz at SUPPLY with their funky booth, helping them win Best Booth, runner up! Get to know them better below as we chat with owner Abby Lynn.

Where did your love of streetwear/fashion begin?

I started my journey in fashion by doing costuming for theater productions. It’s such a dramatization or real life, the theater world. My ready wear designs definitely encompass that. 

What’s behind the name of your brand?

Fashion has become such a staple of our personal expression and almost involuntary way of communicating with the entire world day to day. While so many people deem fashion and clothing/apparel as frivolous, it truly is a necessity in the way that our current world and generations are shaping. Thus, making it a Necessary Evil(s).

Describe your design process from conception to realization.

Our design process, and even our repurpose or redesign process, is always focused on creating wearable art and larger than life statement pieces in everyday life. We start with taking inspiration from architecture, Art Deco pieces, even current beauty and interior decor trends.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome as you’ve tried to grow your business?

Doing anything that is against the norm or typical standards of expression always requires a bit more confidence and self assurance in your own vision. Sometimes it takes a bit longer to bring the full vision to realization and see other people get behind it.

What is your favorite part about owning your own brand?


What’s next for you?

Our fashion and art management firm, Creative Confluence, will be launching it’s second office here in Indy and representing the professional aspirations of various creative professionals and designers locally! We are planning to hold a launch event at the end of December and hope to include the local arts and fashion community – like PATTERN and other SUPPLY participants!

What was your biggest takeaway from SUPPLY?

Definitely a sense of community! We had a great experience.


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