Summer 2020 Trends Style Guide

Photos by Olivia Henderson

[dropcap letter=”T”]oday we’re brushing up on the top 2020 summer trends, but before we dive right in, we must understand how these trends even transpired. Trends usually come from one of five places. First, the runway and in this case the Spring and Summer 2020 Runways of fashion week. Next, street wear or street style which is normally the wearable, everyday version of what we see walk down the runways. Following that, we of course get influence from our favorite celebrities. Similar to celebrities’ designers will also reach out to fashion bloggers to promote and wear their products. Lastly, we find trends in the fashion capitals of the world such as New York, Paris, Milan and London. There is always eyes on the fashion scene in these locations!

Trends are important, but you must remember to not always take them quite, so literally. Fashion can be a form self-expression and freedom which is why this article is not only going to show you this summer’s top trends, but how you can style and make them your own from simple things in your closet! All of the images shown below are outfits worn proudly by our summer interns, displaying each trend in their own personal style. Remember, step out of the box and have some fun! Don’t let the trends overpower you, give your own new form of power to the trends!

Baby Doll Dresses

Oh baby, what a playful look this is! Baby doll dresses were made popular by Cecilie Bahnsen says Marie Claire. They have been sported in various volumes, shapes and sizes! Often paired with some sort of chunky boot to really edge up the look, this combo is an iconic staple for being effortless and cool all at the same time.

Bucket Hats

A hat that was initially invented by Irish farmers to protect themselves from the rain is now the perfect addition to any outfit to give it just a little extra stylistic flare. They have been seen in pastels, neon’s and various textures. They can be the statement piece to any outfit or can simply follow along with the color palette for a monochromatic look. Either way, we dig em!

Bralettes & Blazers

Bralettes have always been essential for any summer outfit but this summer they have an even bigger impact than usual! A bralette under a blazer can be dressed up or down and creates a perfect casual, sexy look. Bralettes have also been seen under cardigans and even worn over shirts! How inventive!

Puff Sleeves

Who knew an 80’s inspired silhouette would be all the rave this summer? Puff sleeves are back! Similar to the baby doll dress, they come in various volumes, shapes and sizes. In regard to this specific top, sheer fabric is also a hit this summer, being both playful and sensual all at the same time. Puff sleeves are a fun accent that can turn any normal top into a statement piece!

Photography by Olivia Henderson and Styling by Bre Cowan.

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