Suit up! Inspired by Prime Time!

Growing up I would watch classic black and white movies where masculine men had those fantastic quotes about power and influence. The same men were wearing classic suits with a confidence that attracted everyone to them. I couldn’t wait to grow up, wear a suit and go to a social event. Sadly, instead, I went through all the amazing fashion trends of the late 80’s and 90’s. Thankfully, right now, there are a few television dramas that are infusing the fashion scene with something other than plaid and skinny jeans.

The-Playboy-Club-the-playboy-club-25451123-768-1024Take for example the lead man from NBC’s The Playboy Club. Nick Dalton is a womanizer with political aspirations who finds himself caught between two women and the mob. His character is definitely showing how a suit can be cool and powerful and get the wearer the attention needed.

Here’s the thing. I’m just going to come out and say it: We, in this town, need to wear suits more often. Like most of you, I too dread the social occasions that require me to button up. And suits really don’t fit in my normal hoodie, denim, and t-shirt wardrobe. However, I’ve come to recognize and am starting to embrace that there really isn’t a much cooler wardrobe staple in a guy’s closet than a great fitting suit. And that this suit needs to be pulled out for more than just the random wedding or bar-mitzvah.

If you’ve been contemplating upgrading your look and don’t know where to start, here are some pointers: Invest in a well tailored black suit. The key is fit. If the jacket or the pants are not sitting well, the suit won’t feel right, nor will it feel comfortable. Ideally, a suit should be custom made to your body and there are several places around Indianapolis that can give you that unique suit experience. One such place is J. Benzal on Mass ave. (Interview with store owner coming soon!), and it specializes in modern suiting  and accessories.

And you’ve probably driven by the Leon Tailoring on Delaware. This company has been a fixture of Indianapolis for over 100 years old and is family owned. They pride themselves on custom suiting: Just select your fabric, get measured and voila!

On the North-side, check out King’s Image. Stephen King has been measuring men and delivering custom suits for over 30 years. The showroom is well-appointed and the service knowledgeable.

I know that the majority of men reading this aren’t going to go out and spend $800+ on a suit. So even if you’re shopping off the rack remember first and foremost that the suit is an investment for your wardrobe. The classic, black suit will last you years if you take care of it, so don’t skimp. You can wear almost any color with the black suit, or even add a shirt with a pattern. Plus, you can pair the suit jacket with dark denim for a casual look.

So Indianapolis, let’s take a cue from the hit TV shows and add some sophistication to our wardrobe. Let’s suit up and see what happens!

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